Upselling coffee cocktails with printed paper cups

Coffee Coxktails in Printed Paper CupsAs the tastes of customers are evolving, so is their sense of adventure and desire to explore new flavours. It has consequently become common to find customers ordering coffee cocktails after a dinner.

Experts encourage restaurants and pubs to maximise their benefits by tapping into this post-meal opportunity.

Indeed, customers, especially Millennials, are increasingly being attracted to coffee cocktails helping them to fight post-dinner slumps. This trend is poised to continue inflating, according to a report published by Tia Maria Coffee Cocktail Futures. By investing in coffee cocktails, businesses can enhance their bottom line by pleasing both coffee and alcohol lovers. By equally proposing takeaway options and serving the cocktails in appealing printed coffee cups, businesses are guaranteed to have juicy returns on investment.

Pleasing the globalised palates of coffee and alcohol drinkers

Apart from being an experience in itself, travel has unlocked new flavours and tastes, globalising the palates of travellers. Alien tastes are now avidly sought after while experimenting new and strange flavours are a matter of adventure. Experts in the coffee industry highlight that flavours will become even more sophisticated soon to exceed the needs of such customers who, today, no longer decline unusual combinations such as mint and coffee. As a matter of fact, odd tastes are increasing in appeal amidst drinkers open to try new things.

Customers are equally becoming more knowledgeable, nearing the appreciation of the connoisseur. The provenance and the terroir of products do matter to them and this is why restaurants and pubs may bet on single-origin coffee to offer high quality products to their clients, as well as detailed information regarding their coffee beans. Coffee is no longer a simple energy boosting beverage; it has morphed into a unique gustatory experience in itself. At the same time, such customers are avid to showcase their coffee cocktails or caffeinated beverage on social media such as Instagram. Yet another reason to serve the beverages in visually appealing coffee paper cups that can be personalised with a touching message or an attractive message reminding of the brand.

Discerning Millennials are reshaping the culture of coffee

Time and again, Millennials are proving to be discerning and some even demonstrate a sense of connoisseurship. This generation is also the one to actively look for new experiences and ready to discover new tastes and flavours. This trend has subsequently given rise to innovative cocktails and in the United Kingdom, about 80% of bars are already selling same. By 2020, coffee cocktails would have positioned itself as a key beverage, according to experts. They will reshape the drink and hospitality sector, bringing about original techniques and recipes. Experts forecast that chefs, baristas and bartenders will furthermore be united in this new era, ready to experiment with innovative serves. For instance, coffee paired with mint is a current flavour that is no longer awkward.

Tech-savvy Millennials are equally actively sharing their experiences online. For example, they are not only looking for tasty beverages but also those drinks that are visually tempting to be able to boast on social media platforms. Other Millennials are also keen to maximise the health benefits of the ingredients in their coffee cocktails; they are aware that caffeine, as well as the other compounds present in coffee, present a multitude of benefits for the health. They equally appreciate coffee cocktails with alcohol to be able to have more control on themselves and to be able to stop when they want to.

The next tribe to impact the coffee cocktail culture is the one looking to find the perfect balance of work and play. These drinkers generally seek the health benefits of products they consume while being able to combine fun with the ability to stop at the top of their game. This generation appreciates the energising boost from coffee as a cocktail ingredient, seeking to maximise the benefits from every treat. Knowledgeable, they equally give high importance to the origin of the beans and other ingredients present in their beverage. This is yet another reason why single-origin coffee is gaining much traction.

Proposing takeaway coffee cocktails can maximise revenues

Studies have revealed that a growing number of consumers would agreeably accept enjoying a coffee cocktail after a meal if they are given the opportunity. It would be wise to include such cocktails in the menu and to request waiters to make relevant recommendations as the ideal ending to an evening. Certain coffee cocktails pair well with some desserts too, and baristas and chefs can unleash their imagination by proposing seasonal twists to keep the menu fresh and exciting. Today, to exceed the demands of capricious customers, and unlock new flavours, baristas and bartenders can learn from each other and their savoir-faire can bring about huge benefits to a business, be it in terms of reputation or financial gains.

It is true that more and more drinkers are tempted with coffee cocktails. It is also true to say that many would equally appreciate having their coffee cocktails as takeaway options if needed. They can thus leave the restaurant, pub or any other food outlet with their coffee cocktail and enjoy it on their way to the movies or while strolling in the park. Restaurant and pub owners are, thus, advised to respond to this demand to enhance customer satisfaction which will subsequently maximise revenues.

Businesses should not forget that printed paper cups serve as mini-billboards and that customers love to post their beverages in such unique cups that are instantly recognised. In this manner, coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants can gain more visibility online, without the least doubt. Attractively printed coffee cups have the power to kindle recall; names, logos or messages that are displayed are easily noticed compared to other modes of offline advertising channels. Research has shown that a paper cup generally stays in the hands of a drinker for an average of 37 minutes and by itself, can advertise a business in a subtle manner in public.


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