Monthly Archives: November 2015

Paper Cup Sleeves – Java Jackets

Coffee sleeves also known as coffee clutches, coffee cozies, hot cup jackets are an indispensable part of any coffee shops,shops or restaurants that serves hot beverages in recent times.

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Ground Coffee Waste to Bio Fuel – Good ideas are to be applauded

Paper Cups are so intrinsically involved with coffee culture that anything related to coffee doesn’t escape our paper cups trained eyes, and this development is surely a welcome change to how waste is managed, or rather not just managed, not even recycled, re-purposed is the word.

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Popcorn Boxes have now gone beyond movie theatres

Popcorn boxes have now gone beyond movie theatres, they are now the hot favourite dry food sampling container option for food retailers, event managers and cafe owners alike.
Popcorn Boxes are not a passing fad, several reasons behind this rising stars immense popularity is its light weight, easy to store as flat sheets, and ease of use for both customer and deliverer alike.

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