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Zero Waste Cafe: Is the Compostable Paper Cup Helpful?

If you run your cafe on a zero-waste policy, you know how difficult it’s finding the right coffee cups.

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Sustainability Hacks for Every Coffee Shop

We love coffee. Global consumption amounts to 500 billion coffee cups every year. No wonder the spotlight on the role of coffee shops and restaurants on climatic change. Embracing sustainability is more of a responsibility than a need. Every business need’s opening its eyes to how they impact climatic change. Coffee shops, for example, leave a massive […]

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Our Story and the Adoption of the Bio Paper Cup

Our pursuit of sustainable products! Why, and how did we get to bio paper cups? Get all the answers here! Everyone may ponder our persistence with paper cup innovations. We aim to contribute to businesses’ growth via convenient and eco-conscious products. Early on, we grasped how a mere coffee cup could impact the environment, health, […]

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Myths About Biodegradable Paper Cups

When you want a good marketing tool, printed paper cups are quickly moving their way up because it is similar to having a walking billboard.

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Just a few reasons why printed paper cups are the best

Paper cups have often been seen not only as an alternative to other methods of packaging but also as a cheap way of ensuring tidiness within the premises. In recent years, many people have adopted the use of these biodegradable containers and turned away from the plastic packaging due to the ongoing global campaign of […]

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Eco-Friendly Alternatives after the Single-Use Plastic Ban

Is seafood safe for human consumption any more? Imagine eight million tones of plastic infiltrate the oceans every year. In the UK, coffee enthusiasts throw over 7 million plastic cups daily!

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A good cup of coffee encourages teamwork

Do you want to encourage the commitment, comfort and well-being of your employees? Have a cup of  coffee. A growing number of companies are devoting part of their premises to the creation of socialization spaces where employees can gather for a coffee and where such a trivial experience can mean much more than taking a […]

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Thinking about coffee can stimulate the brain

A new research from the University of Toronto has revealed that simply seeing coffee-like signals can stimulate the brain.
For many, the aromas of freshly ground coffee reaching the nostrils are enough to make them want to jump out of bed.

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Plastic to fuel projects are gaining traction

The increasing awareness around environmental damage caused by plastic waste is encouraging researchers around the world to find sustainable disposal solutions for the accumulating plastic waste. The energy industry is one of the sectors exploring various ways to transform plastic into fuel.  Most of these projects use the chemical energy in the hydrocarbon structure of […]

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    Naked Juice adopts PLA Biodegradable Paper Cups, manufactured by us at Branded Paper Cups
    Naked Juices UK has now adopted our PLA Paper Cups.

    Branded Paper Cups have been continuously promoting the shift of the printed paper cup industry towards Bodegradable Paper Cups with PLA Coated Paper replacing the standard PE Coated Paper and making them 100% biodegradable.

    Nakes Juices adopted PLA Cups and exhibitions where the cups are being used have offered cash back for using PLA cups, because its easier for them to process 100% compostable paper cups.

    We ship to every corner of Europe, quickly send us your biodegradable paper cups quotation request and stay proud of your choice, forever.

    We congratulate Naked Juice and encourage all client businesses to plan forward towards a shift towards PLA coated biodegradable, compostable paper cups.

    Branded Paper Cups is now shipping all over Europe in 48 hours.
    express shipping is available to all our customers.

    Branded Paper Cups have been continuously upgrading its state of the art printed paper cups factory to meet higher standards of quality and sustainability while being able to deliver at speeds that are otherwise unthinkable of by many.

    Printed Paper Cups are shipped using overnight shipping all over Europe so you can expect your cups in an average of 3-4 days, at your doorstep now.

    We ship to every corner of Europe, quickly send us your quotation request and stay proud of your choice, forever.

    Branded Paper Cups Ships all across Europe in 48 hours
    Our printed Paper Cups are environment friendly, they are GREEN

    When folks think about paper cups, they visualise trees being cut for paper, they typically visualise that old oak in the field, the birds, the squirrels, and even worst, the depleting rainforests, the rising global temperatures.

    We at scyphus solely obtain our papers for our printed paper cups, only from FSC and PEFC accreditec mills, these mills are accredited by responsible monitoring organisations like FSC and PEFC and thus can be assumed to be following all sustainable forestry practices that help us keep the planet green.

    But the fact is that currently there are managed tree farms, places where trees are grown as a crop for lumbering, these monitered farms keep planting trees similar to how a farmer plants new seeds after that season's harvest. only that in case of those massive trees, this harvesting cycle is usually over twenty years.

    The activities of these farms and all that is happening to our forests is monitored by some credible Not for Profit organizations like FSC and PEFC. Organisations that certify and monitor these farms and their method of harvesting and replanting and maintaining the inexperienced cover.

    We are green and we urge you to question your Paper Cups
    company that whether they obtain their raw material from
    licensed mills only or not.
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    Think before ordering your Paper Cups

    So ask the paper cups manufacturer company you have determined to place the order with, if they manufacture their cups within the UK, don't choose low-cost paper cups imported and delivered straight from some bulk paper cups shop somewhere in China.

    Before you place the order for your Paper Cups, tailor-made to augment brand visibility, check if its the best quality out there.

    100% UK manufactured Paper Cups
    They won't augment your brand image if not harm it.
    At Scyphus, we manufacture our Paper Cups, 100% indigenous and can promise you a 100% UK manufactured Paper Cups quality guarantee.
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