Branding Takeaway Coffee Cups

Have you tried out this brand? nice logo though! who are they? I haven’t heard of them before! happened with your takeaway coffee cups yet? 

Takeaway Coffee Cuos - Branded Coffee Cups


Admittedly in many instances the high cost is justified because effective branding has been known to produce amazing results quite often driving sales through the roof.

This is hardly surprising when you consider the fact thatit gets you where the usually busy consumers can recognize your brand instantly.

Sadly a visit to any ad agency is bound dampen any enthusiasm and get you very discouraging if you are not one of those few organizations armed with the kind of budget that big political campaigns are accustomed to.

Chances are that you will be given a budget in TV and billboard advertising that is well beyond reach.

Fortunately there are other dirt cheap alternatives that can be just as effective. Top on the list of these very viable options is branded takeaway paper cups.

Branded Coffee Cups - Takeaway Coffee CupsMost people get to use un-branded takeaway paper cups or stock printed paper cups in the workplace or at some social gathering. It is almost unavoidable. The opportunities around you to use the more useful branded paper cups are usually countless.

So why not get your paper cups branded next time? Who knows, the benefits and rewards could actually exceed your wildest expectations in these challenging times we live in.


What do folks discuss when they are hanging around drinking some coffee?  Why are branded paper cups so effective as marketing tools?

Picture for a moment the situations where they are often in use. Small groups gathered around the coffee machine. Some crowd pulling promotional event for your business. Or even some impromptu celebration somewhere. Whatever the occasion or situation you can be sure that there are many instances where discussions shift to the nice attractive logo on the cups and maybe even the messages.

… “Who are these people anyway?”

Have you tried out this brand?”  …

… “That’s a nice logo

I have never heard of them have you?” …

… “Who are they?

Actually the comments from your branded paper cups do not have to be all positive for you to make an impact.

The important thing here is that the brand is being discussed and folks will remember and some of them may even repeat the discussion at some big store or outlet where it is stocked some day in the not too distant future.

Branded Paper Cups - Printed Paper CupsLet’s face it, we are flooded with all kinds of brands and new ones are literally emerging from the woodwork all the time and so getting anybody to even discuss your particular brand is bound to make you stand out.

Actually when you sit down to compare the cost of other branding vehicles and their impact with that of simple branded paper cups there is actually no comparison. There are just too many benefits at minimal cost when you use branded paper cups.

Cups of coffee will be shared over small talk in contrast to somebody driving past your billboard at high speed in silence and forgetting.

Or millions of viewers glancing at your expensive TV ad when the sound is muted, as it usually is, during commercial breaks interrupting somebody’s favourite show.

It is easy to find yourself generating much more word of mouth advertising from branded paper cups than from many much more costly branding avenues.

But most branded paper cups are NOT environment friendly… are they?

Chances are that when you think of paper cups your mind instantly goes to that nice old oak tree in the field somewhere that has been cut down to provide it leaving some poor birds and squirrels homeless.

Or the wanton destruction of huge rainforests and the resultant global warming and all the catastrophic consequences that are very much evident these days.

That is one good reason why you need to ask questions when dealing with any company producing paper cups.

Questions like if they have heard of managed and monitored tree farms. Or accredited mills.

The truth is that there are environment friendly paper cups where the whole manufacturing process is carefully monitored by independent non profit organizations. That is what you need to go for to keep a clear conscience even as you look to drive your business profits north.

* Update on Biodegradable Takeaway Cups

Well yes, despite sourcing papers from Certified Mills that source raw material from sustainable forests, the PE coating on these takeaway paper cups still leave them only 99% recyclable, recycling paper cups require special process where the PE is separated from the paper before the paper can be recycled, and thus most of the paper cups used worldwide are still going into landfills and the PE plastic is getting into the earth and contaminating her. There is a solution though, using PLA or Bio Plastic instead of PE and we are launching our range of Biodegradable Paper Cups for your Branded Takeaway Cup requirements, let’s both move forward to a 100% recyclable and even more importantly 100% biodegradable paper cups, so that they do not even contaminate even if they end up in landfills.

Our manufacturing process goes to great lengths to be GREEN in every sense of the word.

How quickly can I get them?

You may want to assume that the paper cups are from some off place like China where virtually everything seems to come from these days.

Not only will you be ruling out fast turnaround but then there is also the question of the quality.

Some folks will be forgiven for having a rule of thumb that assumes that anything that is low cost and affordable must be from China.

Well fortunately there are exceptions.

Not only will you find locally manufactured quality cups but the turnaround can be very swift at prices that have China written all over them. We deliver quality at speeds that will impress you.

Design issues

Branded Coffee Cups - Printed Paper CupsDesigning cups is tricky and it is NOT true that any good design shop will cut it.

Not only is our design department highly skilled and experienced but changes will be made promptly and every effort made to ensure that what comes out meets and even exceeds your expectations.

Production will not start until your artwork has been signed off with absolutely no doubts or uncertainties lingering in the air.

If we are the second vendor you are using you will quickly realize that not all branded cup manufacturers are the same.

It will also please you to know that we always insist on using only food grade inks on the highest quality boards so that the final result establishes your brand as classy in the eyes of all those who will see or use your branded paper cups.

Bottom Line

It is indeed possible to have all your reservations satisfactorily answered and end up with the top notch quality that will position your brand with the kind of class that you desire.

So that you do not just end up with cups but also with very cost effective advertising tools that will have an enormous positive impact on your bottom line.

Never underestimate the possible effect of ensuring that your takeaway paper cups are branded with your logo and message. In the eyes of consumers you will end up being unique and immediately recognizable in the screaming crowds.


* Update on Biodegradable Paper Cups for your Takeaway Coffee Cup Requirement

If you are looking for 100 percent eco-friendly takeaway coffee cups for your café, home kitchen or coffee shop, Biodegradable Cup Ranges are a great product to begin with. Made with fully recyclable paper, the cups feature a poly lactic acid-based coating rather than polyolefin coatings. PLA is aliphatic polyester that has superior advantages over the petroleum-based polymers traditionally used for cup coating. The starch-based coating is fully recyclable, utilizes less energy and performs better than its competitors.

Promoting a Green Environment Through Biodegradable Products

Printed Paper Cups is introducing a new line of mixed grade paper products that are 100 percent recyclable. According to specifications in the United Kingdom, disposable coffee cups should be able to retain heat while preventing the beverage from seeping through the surface. Manufacturers have traditionally used petroleum-based plastic as a covering for the paper cup, but this has its drawbacks. While polyethylene offers good heat-retention and water-proofing, it is not totally biodegradable, posing an environmental challenge during recycling. The problem is compounded if the cups are not deposited in the designated collection bins as they may remain un-decomposed within garbage landfills. Printed Paper Cups utilizes EarthCoating to overcome this challenge.

EarthCoating Technology is the process of extrusion-coating various papers with a compound formed from a blend of calcium carbonate and polyolefin resin. EarthCoating is 100 percent biodegradable, unlike the widely used polyethylene technology that is 99 percent biodegradable. Behind the success of EarthCoating is poly lactic acid, a biopolymer that has found wide use in the recent past. The upgrade towards a more environment friendly technology also comes with economic benefits as no more capital investment in machinery is required. Paper cups coated using EarthCoating technology also exhibit superior performance capabilities compared to those coated with polyethylene.

Environmental Benefits of EarthCoating

EarthCoating is a more “green” option as it replaces non-biodegradable products with biodegradable ones. It is a highly mineralized product that comes from renewable sources. For instance, its mineral content displaces 60 percent of the plastic that would be used to make a polyolefin coating. Additionally, mixed grade paper products coated using EarthCoating are easier to re-pulp since the coating needs not to be separated from the paper before post-consumer processing. The coating fragments into small pieces before being removed from the rest of the recycled paper. In contrast, recyclers have to go through a painstaking process to separate the plastic polyethylene coating from the paper coating.

EarthCoating technology promotes a culture of energy saving since its products are readily recyclable. Rather than sending paper worth billions of pounds into landfills, paper cups and other mixed grade paper products are recycled thus making energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Comparing the two coating alternatives, EarthCoating utilizes lower coating weights thus leading to reduced source material. For a given volume of EarthCoating cover material and polyethylene, the former can cover more takeaway coffee cups.

The switch to EarthCoating technology will not only promote a green environment but also lead to cost savings. EarthCoating has superior performance thus leads to a down gauging of cost weights, presenting consumers the potential to save on product cost. Comparatively, the mineral materials used in the EarthCoating resin blend are less expensive than the traditional resin blends. The production cost can be greatly reduced if the raw materials for EarthCoating covers are produced in plenty since they are renewable.

PLA-based coatings such as EarthCoating replace the fossil carbon of petroleum-based plastics with renewable-based carbon, offering a reduced carbon footprint. For instance, PLA coatings release less carbon dioxide to the environment when they are recycled. This undesirable emission is further expected to decline as process efficiencies are improved. From the source materials to production lines and recycling, PLA coatings have exhibited superior performances as far as the environment is concerned.

EarthCoating effectively overcomes the challenge of air-gap exhibited with polyolefin materials. Being a non-polar material like paper, polyethylene has little adhesion when used to coat polar paper. The tradition was to oxidise the paper surface with a melt drop so that the polyethylene could blend with the resulting polar groups. However, the process introduces further challenges as recyclers have to use special equipment to separate the paper from the plastic cover. With slight modifications on the traditional polyethylene lines, PLA-based coatings are implemented since they harden at higher elongation rates. These are also easier to separate during recycling process.

At Branded Paper Cups, we are going one step farther, we are testing pure PLA coated prisitne papers, instead of mixed resin solutions like EarthCoating, to produce paper cups that are absolutely 100% biodegradable.

The change of the coffee coating material will further reduce the energy consumption of the coating process. According to NatureWorks, conversion of corn to PLA utilizes 68 percent less oil than that used to make plastic from oil. This technology also emits less pollution to the environment and generates fewer greenhouse gases. Ultimately, recyclable cups effectively eliminate the need for using water and chemicals to wash. Huge amounts of water and other washing materials can now be saved through the use of these eco-friendly cups.

At Branded Paper Cups, we are not only endeavouring towards a green and sustainable environment but also to meet customers at their point of need. We have revised our shipping terms to enable delivery within 3-4 days across all Europe. Customers can now take advantage of this express shipping to order takeaway coffee cups only when they ran out of stock.

Most importantly, we now offer storage for smaller coffee shops faced with the challenge of storage space. Rather than missing the discount of bulk ordering, you can still order and request for the free storage at our warehouses. The goods are then delivered at your door step just when replenishment is required.

Branded Paper Cups understands the need for collective action if the planet is to achieve a green and sustainable development. By delivering products to the customer just in time, consumers are less likely to opt for products that are of low quality. We present an equal opportunity for both large and small scale customers to obtain goods at a discounted price, thus reducing operation costs. The availability of free storage is further a boost to coffee vendors so that they never run out of stock. Through this improved-performance production line, Branded Paper Cups will be moving towards a green and sustainable environment.


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