Myths Vs. Facts About Printed Paper Cups

Think of a better marketing tool than printed paper cups. Every time that coffee cup is moving around as take away or is in the hands of your dear customers.

What makes you think you can rack up a better alternative? Let’s check why the cups are so eminent.

As consumer expectations continue to rise, coffee shop owners will need to up their standards. Today, customers want safe, easy to use, and friendly cups.

Convenience is also at the peak of their priorities, and cups that are non-soggy and heatproof carry the day. No one wants to stress over their fingers getting burned. Or spillages.

Printed paper cups also replaced TV ads. People’s attention spans dropped to less than 8 seconds. Studies show goldfish can concentrate longer. So, TV ads no longer entice and get ignored fast.

Everyone uses over 8 seconds to take coffee. And the time spent on the beverage gives customers time to interact with cup ads and read what the brand entails.

Printed paper cups have more meaning than meets the eye. They are a brand representation tool and have more value than the actual beverage. You can use them in promotions or improve customers’ experiences.

The cups shape customers’ perceptions of a brand. Paper cups material tell whether you care about the environment and customers’ safety.

Rising plastic cup bans also influence printed paper cups dominance.

As bans increase, more users will switch to paper cups. Businesses using eco-packages are well-positioned for the future.

Printed paper cups are an excellent solution for businesses. They are also eco-friendly. But they are shrouded with never-ending myth and contradictions about their usefulness.

What Is True or False about Printed Paper Cups? 

Let us find out.

Myth 1: Printed Paper Cups are Costly

Truth is, paper cups carry more benefits than other packaging material. While plastic is cheap, it has worse effects on human health and the environment.

At a glance, the sophistication and origin of paper cups might make them look costly. But they are affordable and are also a double-edged sword. They serve their beverage functions well, then act as a marketing tool.

Glass, porcelain, and wood are way costlier than paper cups. But paper gunners more attention and price criticism. The attention paper cup gets, however, turns into an advantage for a coffee shop owner.

Myth 2: Customers Only Think About the Beverage Price and Quality

Many beverage sellers misconstrue customer needs. Sometimes they don’t notice new customer’s trends.

In the modern age, customers have a jillion of needs, that only attentive brands can notice. Customer experience is crucial and personalised services sets the tone for a brand’s success.

Green products are also in high demand. And brands going green draw more sales, unlike their rivals.

Today, Business success is less about efficiency and more about satisfaction.

Myth 3: Paper Cups are not Recyclable 

We all know paper comes from wood material. So, why is there is a debate about their recyclability?

Paper cups contain a thin bonded film coating for preventing leakages and sogginess. The coat is earth, BLA, or PE plastics.

Manufacturers recycle paper cups after removing the coating or by using individual recycling machines.

Myth 4: Printed Paper Cups are not Biodegradable 

Saying printed paper cups are not biodegradable is wrong and a general statement. If you understand paper cups, you would know the variations and what causes the myth.

Paper cups, as mentioned, have a BLA or PE plastics coating. The layer determines whether the cups are biodegradable.

BLA, which is an organic plastic from corn starch, decomposes fast. And is now the preferred material for designing paper cups.

Polyurethane (PE) coated cups are not 100% biodegradable. PE is an ordinary plastic and decomposes after many years.

Myth 4: Printed Paper Cups Comes at an Additional Designing Cost 

Many customers ask us about the cups’ printing and designing costs. Many believe printed cups cost goes up as designs change or get more sophisticated.

At Scyphus, we offer printed paper cups as a solution to businesses. Our goal is to help brands reach the customer at the least cost.

Besides allowing customers a free quote for all orders, the cups are affordable and within reach of many brands.

Also, you can conceive your designs and contact us for customisation options.

Myth 5: Printed Paper Cups are Weak 

We make printed paper cups from high-quality boards to enhance sturdiness. Also, the earlier mentioned PLA coating helps to reduce sogginess and heat.

The cups can either be single-walled or double-walled. Double-walled cups are stronger and offer higher heat insulation.

Customers ordering single-walled cups, also buy cup sleeves for holding the cups.

Myth 6: Printed Paper cups are part of Disposable Cups

Paper cups are not disposable cups. Disposable cups comprise single-use plastics and styrofoam.

Disposable cups are one of the leading environment pollutants. The UK alone disposes of up to 2.5 billion cups annually. And only 1% of the cups get recycled.

Plastics expose the environment to chemicals, while styrofoam is highly poisonous. States in the US such as NewYork, San Diego, Washington DC, Miami, and California banned styrofoam cups.

Myth 7: Printed Paper Cup Advertising is Not Effective

A lot of customers admit printed paper cups help them recall brand names. Yet brands doubt the cups’ marketing impact.

Unlike other advertising mediums, Printed paper cups hit the right audience in the right places. Advertising via the cups gives higher conversions as they take the message to where the customer is.

TV ads and billboards target all people. Sometimes they might not reach the intended number of coffee lovers.


Printed paper cups attract misconceptions for lack of clarity in the various available options. More, each manufacturer talks positively of their cups. Even styrofoam cups have proponents despite their risks.

The article highlights facts about printed paper cups. However, you must buy from the right manufacturer to get biodegradable, sturdy, and safe cups.


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