Branded Paper Cups: Is there a More Affordable Way of Promoting British Brands?

brexit branded paper cupsPost-Brexit may change a lot of things, including how domestic brands operate. Increased search for domestic products may prompt businesses to market more. People have to be familiar with British brands.

That may result in increased domestic competition. To make your brand top of mind of Britons, you have to be creative. That means finding effective and affordable marketing platforms.

Branded paper cups are one of the most cost-effective promotional methods to consider. Get eco-friendly paper cups, design and use them to promote your brand.

How Advertising on Branded Paper Cups Works

Most effective advertisement platforms usually maximize users’ obsessions. Video ads produce the highest ROIs because people love visual content. Likewise, paper cups work in marketing because people love coffee, tea, or ice cream.

A cup of coffee or tea is ritualistic in the morning for most of us. Britons drink up to 95 million cups of coffee per day. During lockdowns, we couldn’t overcome our cravings. More people learned how to brew coffee while takeaway coffee sales surged than at any other time.

Advertisement on branded paper cups takes advantage of the increasing demand for coffee. You can bet on people seeing your logo, brand name or message when using branded paper cups. Beyond that, coffee cups are as good as mobile advertisements.

Takeaway Coffee Boosts the Effectiveness of Branded Paper Cups

Takeaway ensures that branded paper cups reach a large audience with little effort. Branded paper cups are too stylish for people to stash them in bags or purses. Everyone shows off their coffee cup when strolling down the streets. This can give your brand extra brand visibility from every takeaway customer.

Coffee cups are also instrumental in ensuring the success of events or parties. Branded paper cups may become centres of attention during tea or coffee breaks. Entire attendants will view your brand while some people will enquire to learn more about it.

The brand visibility attained during events may translate into more business opportunities. Your brand elements may stick in the mind of customers to boost recognition. Event attendants may become your customers. Or they may refer their friends or relatives to your business.

Beyond that, printed coffee cups can be very photogenic. Your customers may also take photos with your branded paper cups to share online. This may result in lots of user-generated content that can boost your brand’s credibility.

How Affordable are Branded Paper Cups?

pound sterling - affordable brandingBrand promotion can be a nightmare. If you’re using social media, the cost of hiring social media experts can be too expensive. Traditional promotional tactics such as TV or billboards may also cost you a lot.

Branded paper cups offer an affordable alternative to online and offline promotional tools. You’re sure your advertisements will reach your targeted customers. Here’s what makes branded paper cups an inexpensive promotional tool.

No Display Fees or Promotional Costs

Using branded paper cups allows you to exploit their procuring cost. Coffee cups are one of the unavoidable expenses in your business.

You have to spend to keep your business running. But if you turn the coffee cups into your marketing tool, the cost provides two benefits at ago. Branded paper cups can be both a functional and a marketing tool.

You also have to remember that the advertising space on your coffee cups comes at a free cost. You’ll have people seeing your logo without paying any fees like you would in other tactics. Even taking your brand to the public is free because it’s your customers who’ll do the most displaying.

Customers do a Bigger Chunk of Promotional Work

Let’s talk about customers being your display ambassadors. Every marketing tool demands some promotional activity. For instance, people must put on your branded t-shirts if you will get your desired visibility. If you’re promoting on Facebook, your creativity nous must be top drawer.

It takes lots of promotional efforts and resources to make a brand popular. But what if you’re using branded paper cups? The only action required of you is to design attention-grabbing coffee cups. Your customers will do the rest of the work.

It’s your customer who’ll display your coffee cups to the public. They’ll visit parks, offices, shopping malls, schools and many other places. And for all that work, you won’t pay them a dime. Sure, is there a more straightforward way of building branding visibility?

No Reputational Damage or Brand Image Costs Incurred

Most brands usually opt for plastic food packaging due to lower pricing. But with a close comparison, eco-friendly coffee cups stand out to be more affordable.

With food packaging cost, you also have to consider environmental and reputational costs. Plastic packaging might seem a tad lower priced. But using those, you’re even risking your brand image.

When you’re branding, people may become curious about your values. What does your brand stand for? Going green is a big priority for food brands. The increasing number of eco-conscious customers is forcing more brands to embrace sustainability.

You have to create an excellent first impression. Branded paper cups are not only affordable, but they also help protect your image. Sustainable paper cups send a positive message and help improve brand image.

Lower Cost of Launching Your Campaigns

During tough times, marketing might appear too hectic, and you might throw in the towel. The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed you down, and you’re focused on keeping your customer base happy.

You need a better approach even if footfall seems to be increasing gradually. Branded paper cups provide the smoothest way of growing your brand. You don’t need a big budget to kick off your marketing campaigns.

Complimentary coffee may seem like an extra cost. But it can help attract new customers faster. Your customers will flaunt your branded paper cups, and talk about your brand to their friends.

What it Means Using Branded Paper Cups Post Brexit

No one would predict that the COVID-19 pandemic would strike during Brexit. As an entrepreneur, it caught you off guard. But it would help if you had a way out; a strategy to revive your business and get revenues streaming back. Branded paper cups are here to bail you out as well as save you from burning your strained marketing budget.



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