Brand Promotion: Printed Paper Cups and How to Refresh Your Promotional Tactics

What happened when you introduced printed paper cups in your business? Most likely customers became curious, and your sales soared. But did things stay that way for long?

Like most promotional tactics, branded paper cups can work excellently for your business. But their impact isn’t guaranteed. This is because competitors may have also adopted the cups. And customers get bored when there isn’t a refreshing angle to something mainstream.

There are also a lot of things that you do to promote your brand. With time your many promotional efforts may jam your way to success. And you’ll struggle to see what works for your business.

You may even stagnate and be clueless about what steps to take to transform your business. But we got you covered. The key is to refresh your promotional strategies. It’s not like going back to the drawing board but some spicing to your plans.

And here’s how you can go about it.

What Does a Promotional Tactics Refresh Involve?

With time, strategies become obsolete. And that means you always need to get rid of old tactics and go for what’s more powerful. Some tactics that you’re knowledgeable about continue to evolve. Meanwhile, you may continue to put a lot of effort into the wrong aspects.

For instance, if you were using printed paper cups for promotions, there’s a new angle to them. Most people stick to the conventional cup while customers want something more sustainable.

So, refreshing your marketing strategies is much about analysing your tactics. The aim is to establish what works.

Analysing Your Promotional Tools

There are tons of creative marketing ways, but not everything can work. You always need to have a picture of what’s useful for your business. Customer responses, reactions and conversions can display a working strategy.

When customers interact with your promotional items, they are likely to take action. They can visit your business or make a phone call. Or they can search for your website to learn more about your products.

You can only learn much about your tactics’ performance through tracking. Google analytics can help tell if your online branding efforts are productive. But it becomes challenging to track results from offline promotional tactics. For example, how can you establish the performance of biodegradable paper cups?

For offline marketing, talk to your customers. Ask them how they knew about your business. What makes them like your business? Here, questionnaires can help you to learn a lot about your customers.

Re Plan Your Promotion Strategies

Performance analysis helps you to identify what works and what doesn’t work. But it doesn’t tell you which strategies to scrap. It’s totally up to you to decide the way forward for your brand’s promotion.

Of course, you will quickly tell tactics that perform well. The bigger task lies in developing a plan for the tactics that don’t perform like their counterparts. Introducing new strategies can be difficult. So, it’s best to polish low performing strategies.

Once you have the improvement plan in place, you can then consider new ways of boosting sales.

Capitalise on the Strengths of Your Promotional Tools

One of the secrets of success is leverage. That is, using an intentional approach to utilise your strengths fully.

When it comes to your best promotion ideas, do you know their strengths? And are you putting the advantages to good use? By focusing on the power side of your tactics, you can be able to increase customers faster.

Let’s use a straightforward example. Today, every coffee shop uses branded paper cups because of their marketing effectiveness. But you need to figure out how you can set yourself apart with a tactic that’s so ubiquitous.

Your branded paper cups may have superior designs than those of competitors. And that is a huge selling point. Also remember, not everyone uses biodegradable paper cups. Meaning, there’s a lot to reap if you rethink your coffee cups.

To stand out, you can ensure your coffee cups are biodegradable and safer for the environment.

Leveraging your marketing strengths helps to amplify your brand. Customers choose influential brands because of the positive features they hear or see.

Reconsider Your Marketing Budget

You can only invest in a promotional tool that can boost your returns. That’s why you go through the analysis process to ascertain the best way forward for your marketing.

So, reconsider your budget and plan marketing expenditure in the right direction.The first step is to focus on allocating funds for the best performing branding tools. Sure, you want to produce more effective results. So, your best marketing tools deserve the most respect.

Next, based on the analysis report, consider oiling the low performing tools. Use your list of the strategies that need improvement to allocate money the right way.

When refreshing your branding, it’s best to add new marketing tools to support current ones. Given the rapid technological changes, advanced tactics can be more productive.

Thus, consider integrating social media, Google Ads, videos or a blog into your plan. The best part, digital tactics can easily blend with your offline tools. For instance, sharing branded paper cups photos on Instagram can help boost visibility.

Make Performance Tracking Part of Your Marketing

The ultimate aim of brand promotion is to increase awareness and boost sales. Yet, you can only expect the best results if your tools consistently work for your bottom-line. That’s the reason you need to track the performance of your tools often.

Pay close attention to your performance analysis tools. You can set targets expected from each promotion tool. This will help you track performance better. Each tool needs to justify its value to your bottom line.

Remember to use questionnaires, analytics and face to face interactions to track performance. The results can help to determine if your tweaks are working. That way, you can change your strategy and focus more on useful tools.

When to Refresh Your Promotional Tactics

Your marketing plan must bring expected results. Or else you’ll eventually lose out to competitors. So, it’s best to refresh it at least twice per year. But sometimes, performance results can call for urgent action. In that case, you’ll need to change the plan for the sake of performance.



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