What You need to Know About Branded Paper Cups in Coffee Shops

Paper cups now dominate the coffee industry. Preference for eco-friendly products made coffee shops and outlets to search for viable and safe cups.

One significant benefit of paper cups is you can use them to send a message about your business and grow it.


-Through branded paper cups and coffee cup advertisements.

People love coffee. Meaning coffee shop owners have a ready-made platform to grow their customer base and brand image. Branded paper cups come in to explore the unexploited coffee love and the bustling free platform.

With traditional marketing styles losing context, only creativity and winning customer loyalty can prevail in the modern market. A case example is Apple, which thrives for its stylish designs and a burgeoning customer base found on loyalty.

Branded paper cups involve creativity. Stylish designs envisioned to strike customers once they raise their cups for a coffee grip and sip, leave visual memories.

The primary intent of branded paper cups is to connect with customers. Meaning, besides the cup being beautiful, the served coffee must also be of grand quality. A mismatch of the two factors counteracts the advertising goal.

Branded packaging has been in existent for years. Top food joints have been using the packages for quite a while, and their impact has been incredible. Now, every time you see a top brand package, you can recall the brand name fast.

Why Branded Paper Cups are a Huge Marketing Channel

For coffee shops, branded papers cups are an incredible marketing channel.Europe comprises 30%  of the world’s coffee consumers. Plus, consumption is likely to increase. Therefore, targeting customers through coffee cups is a more efficient way of growing sales.

Again, the average person in Europe takes around five cups of coffee in a day. People, therefore, interact more with coffee cups. Coffee puts branded coffee cups close to users, reminding them of the brand aesthetics every time they consume the creamy latte.

Unlike other packaging material, customers move around with their coffee cups, showcasing the brand name everywhere. Customers can go with the cups to the office, elevators, social functions and even corporate meetings. The massive advertising can either bring referrals to your business or create more awareness about your brand.

Multifunctional capabilities of paper cups make them a hit with customers. Customers can use the cups to serve either hot or cold drinks. More, they can reuse the cups in serving other beverages.

Flyers, business cards, posters and leaflets became a thing of the past. People no longer pay attention to adverts. Good news though, they concentrate on their coffee for 5-7 minutes before finishing it, they therefore get time to digest the information on the paper coffee cups.

So, unlike traditional advertising, branded paper cups have more conversions because of the focus they get and their subtle designs. Graphics and content printed on the paper cups stirs conversations plus elicits brand recall.

Advertising brings forth a massive cost. If your business has not broken-even, managing marketing costs can be a headache.

Resorting to branded paper cups is like killing two birds with one stone.You only incur costs in buying the branded paper cups, which still serve as your primary marketing tool.

The move saves you expense in advertising and marketing. So, even businesses with limited running or start-up budgets can win because of the genius branded paper cups marketing strategy.

Internet advertising and traditional marketing are not as direct as paper cup advertising. Branded paper cups hit the intended audience on each purchase. The strategy, however cheaper, is more effective.

Branded paper cups also serve as speciality advertising. While customers purchase coffee to access the cups, they can reuse them multiple times. Plus, if you serve many delicacies, you can use the whole gamut of paper cups to create a more significant impact.

Maximise Sales through Paper Coffee Cup Advertising

While branded paper cups are incredible on their own, they still need to meet specific standards to have a massive advertising impact.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

The heightened awareness over packages’ environmental impact empowered consumers with information to make sound decisions when buying foods or drinks.

Today, consumers will go for meals in outlets which use biodegradable paper cups and food containers.

Biodegradable paper cups differ. They can be PLA or PE coated.Customers prefer PLA coated cups which are recyclable and help counter disposable cups waste in landfills.

Biodegradable paper cups help your coffee shop build an image as a green and a responsible brand, leading to an increase in customers and sales.

Other materials trending as friendly coffee cups are bio-plastics.

Unfriendly paper cups include PE coated paper cups for they can not get recycled without unique technology.

Styrofoam paper cups also pose a potential danger to human health and marine life. The cups release harmful chemicals into water bodies and oceans risking all creatures.

  1. Safety

Multiple packaging products have links to toxic chemicals and cancer. For example, single-use plastic cups are famous for having BPA, a highly harmful chemical. The plastics are both harmful to human and marine life.

Styrofoam paper cups, however widely used contain styrene particles which can cause cancer, high blood pressure, headaches, depression and central nervous problems.

  1. Strength and Leak Proof

Paper cups manufacturing should take into account strength and leakages. Stronger paper cups are durable and last long. Meaning customers can reuse them for other household functions.

Most of the paper cups have a leak-proof lining which prevents leakages making the cups efficient.

For example, manufacturers make biodegradable paper cups with stable gsm paper boards which boost strength and durability.

  1. Printing Ink Safety

Branded paper cups involve surface designs and printing to meet businesses requirements. The printing includes a company’s brand name, the logo, a marketing message, and any other requested designs.

The process should include the usage of safe inks which can’t leach into beverages and packed food.

Unsafe ink expose customers and might take a brand down.

  1. Designing

The main feature of branded paper packs is design and cup styling. More beautiful designs will attract customers fast and help in increasing sales. Credible manufacturers employ a team of designers to handle graphics and all visual issues.

Branded paper cups are the leading form of coffee shops advertising. The cups quicken businesses growth through building loyalty. The more customers use your cups, the more the marketing impact leading to new business and sales.



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