Custom Paper Coffee Cups

Custom coffee paper cups are proving to be a boon for businesses

The custom coffee paper cups market is thriving, attracting both investment and innovation. A report conducted by Research and Markets has revealed that the market is generating billions of dollars and that this trend is enjoying a spike. With 55 million cups of coffee being consumed per day in the United Kingdom only, custom coffee paper cups have become an indispensable element in the food and beverage industry, grabbing the largest slice of the disposable paper containers market. In this light, Scyphus is constantly innovating to offer the finest quality products to its customers.

Custom coffee cups are part and parcel of the global beverage industry

The food and beverage industry is undergoing drastic changes, mostly due to the hectic urban lifestyle of many people. Many professionals simply do not have time anymore to have a proper breakfast before scurrying to work and simultaneously, lunch times are being increasingly compacted due to overload of work. Caffeine, on its own, has become the fuel of such people, helping them cope with tiredness to stay alert and motivated. It is no surprise that the number of on-the-go consumers keeps soaring in such environments, impacting directly on the dynamics of the food and beverage industry.

The statistics say it all: a research carried out by Voucher Codes revealed that 38% of the participants, weighed down and struggling to cope with the frantic pace of life, have absolutely no strength to cook at home and find it more convenient to eat out. To meet and even exceed these consumer demands, businesses are equally revamping restaurant concepts, forced to adapt to stay ahead of the curve. On its side, Scyphus is doing its best to exceed the demands of its customers to help them stand out from the crowd.

Custom coffee paper cups indeed present a number of advantages that make them highly prized in the food and beverage industry. Disposable, temperature resistant, odourless, convenient to use and available in various sizes and forms, they are the very strong link between retailers and on-the-go consumers. Currently, their demand is high demand for takeaway coffee, tea, soft drinks, noodles, and sweet corn just to name a few. Generally coated with resin or bioplastic, they do not become soggy and are considered perfect for dispensing liquid foods and for serving both hot and cold beverages. Unlike reusable utensils requiring time and effort, they can be disposed of easily, especially with many food outlets proposing adapted bins.

Our custom double wall paper cups are enjoying high popularity

Marketers agree to say that custom paper cups mean much more than simply some mere paper cups. They symbolize the perfect marketing tool, placing subtly a brand directly into the hands of consumers. It is no secret that more than 400 billion cups of coffee are being consumed annually worldwide and that custom coffee paper cups are a winning marketing strategy.

The most popular used paper cups for hot beverages are custom coffee paper cups made with double walls. Boasting an extra layer of thick board, they retain heat to keep the drinks warm while protecting against burns. In other words, coffee lovers can relish their high-quality piping hot coffee as a takeaway option without any apprehension of burning their hands.

Apart from being a genuinely convenient for serving hot as well as cold beverages, these custom paper cups are a hit strategy, offering coffee shops, food outlets and other businesses the unique chance to stand out from the crowd in today’s highly competitive consumer environment. Strategically placed in visible areas at an event or in an office as well, or printing with a catchy message or logo of a coffee shop, custom coffee paper cups with double walls are a potent means of brand promotion.

Marketers are equally aware that Millennials- who represent the largest purchasing power- coldly avoid traditional advertising. Using custom paper cups, on the other hand, is such a  delicate strategy, that pays off well; scientific, as well as, psychological studies have proven that consumers drinking hot beverages such as coffee tend to link the pleasant physical sensation of warmth with interpersonal with the brand of the coffee and the custom coffee paper cup, especially when they are in a highly receptive state due to the caffeine.

Governments are advocating for recyclable custom paper cups

Sharp marketers and coffee shop owners know that using this feel-good factor- otherwise known as the Dovetail Affect- can only be to their advantage.  With the large array of designs available for custom coffee paper cups, coffee shops and businesses are spoilt for choice. Today, it is easy for cafes or bakeries to complement the design of their custom paper cups with that of their business to gain instant brand recognition. Whether they are produced with double walls, single walls, or with 100% compostable materials, the custom paper cups manufactured by Scyphus all serve as a perfect base for high-quality printing, making clients know they are genuinely buying quality coffee at a quality brand.

In a view to demarcate themselves in today’s highly competitive landscape, coffee shops and food outlets are also avidly investing in attractive and unique custom coffee paper cups as the visual aspects of such products massively attract consumers who passionately share products and experiences on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It is no longer enough to simply propose a delicious cup of coffee; for a brand to become popular, its products should also look good and “Instagrammable”.  Scyphus has been helping businesses to turn their coffee cups into genuine pieces of artwork, ready to showcase a brand’s uniqueness on social media. Instagram, for instance, has over 96 million posts with the hashtag #coffee.

Most governments across the world are in favour of promoting recyclable and compostable paper cups, especially as more and more policies and strategies to curb the impact of single-use plastics are being adopted to protect the environment. Adapted bins are being placed at every corner and most operators in the food and beverage industry are playing the game, taking care that custom disposable paper cups are disposed of conveniently.


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