Monthly Archives: March 2020

Zero Waste Cafe: Is the Compostable Paper Cup Helpful?

If you run your cafe on a zero-waste policy, you know how difficult it’s finding the right coffee cups.

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Sustainability Hacks for Every Coffee Shop

We love coffee. Global consumption amounts to 500 billion coffee cups every year. No wonder the spotlight on the role of coffee shops and restaurants on climatic change. Embracing sustainability is more of a responsibility than a need. Every business need’s opening its eyes to how they impact climatic change. Coffee shops, for example, leave a massive […]

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Our Story and the Adoption of the Bio Paper Cup

Our pursuit of sustainable products! Why, and how did we get to bio paper cups? Get all the answers here! Everyone may ponder our persistence with paper cup innovations. We aim to contribute to businesses’ growth via convenient and eco-conscious products. Early on, we grasped how a mere coffee cup could impact the environment, health, […]

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