Sustainability Hacks for Every Coffee Shop

We love coffee. Global consumption amounts to 500 billion coffee cups every year. No wonder the spotlight on the role of coffee shops and restaurants on climatic change.

Embracing sustainability is more of a responsibility than a need. Every business need’s opening its eyes to how they impact climatic change. Coffee shops, for example, leave a massive carbon imprint on the environment.

Coffee shops contribute to climatic change by using coffee cups, energy, and water. Research shows an average cafe uses 600-1000 gallons of water daily. The environmental impact of a coffee cup is worst if you consider the wood source and the energy used. If the paper cup can’t compost, it becomes further stress to recycling or the environment.

Do you run a coffee shop or restaurant? If yes, don’t you think it would be best to rethink your practices? There are many practises you can install for a greener and a sustainable cup of joe!

Tips to Make Your Coffee Shop Sustainable

Buy from Green Brands

One of the fastest ways to become a sustainable cafe is by green buying. As a buyer, you have the power to influence sustainability in the entire coffee market. How you buy can push your suppliers to rethink their offers.

As a business, buying green can enhance your public image and increase efficiency. It’s also a perfect way to respond to climatic change.

Most green products are better in quality and cost less than unsustainable alternatives. Think of compostable paper cups, green coffee, local ingredients and cleaning products. These products are affordable and can help you save for other cafe needs.

Sustainable practises are now crucial for the public. Buying green can show the people you’re committed to protecting the environment. For your business, such a statement impacts your image and creates a positive PR.

Cut Water Usage

If 71% of the earth is water, why should you bother to conserve? Only 3% of that water is available for drinking. The rest is salty, contaminated or locked in glaciers.

With a growing world population, there’s more need to conserve water. Many people in the world can’t access clean water. As more rivers dry and people turn to aquifers, we may face more water problems.

For your cafe, you can conserve water by using efficient cleaning practices. For instance, you can use a loaded dishwasher to maximise water use. You can also install aerators on your pumps to cut water usage.

Reusable cups may be an excellent idea, but you want to save water and time. Compostable paper cups are a better deal for your cafe needs. With these cups, you can reduce waste, serve customers faster and save a lot of water. Remember, conserving water will help to reduce your utility bills.

Invest in Low Energy Bulbs and Coffee Making Equipment

What lamps do you use in your cafe? Your bulbs may cost you a lot of energy. With bad lights, lighting may comprise 13% of your energy bills. Besides, 71% of that power may waste as heat.

Use efficient bulbs in your coffee shop to cut costs and improve the customer experience. Most modern lamps can overhaul the shade of your restaurant for an irresistible look.

Changing your coffee maker can also save you a lot of energy expenses. The coffee maker is the heart of your restaurant. From dawn to sunset, it runs to guarantee your customers’ happiness. But it may be the culprit for your high energy bills.

What if you invested in a coffee maker with boiler insulation and low energy consumption? With an efficient espresso, you can halve energy costs and reduce your carbon imprint.

Quit Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics stand as one of the worst enemies to a clean planet and safe packaging. Their impact on landfills and oceans has maddening effects! As a result, there’s more attention on all packaging products.

The European Parliament requires people to adopt compostable products before the complete plastic ban. But, you don’t have to wait for the ban’s effection before shifting to sustainable packaging.

With the cost of compostable products low, it’s a cinch avoiding single-use plastic. Compostable products like paper cups, plates and cutlery offer a cost-effective, sustainable option.

Promote Compostable Packaging

Promoting compostable products goes beyond using items such as paper cups. It’s more about consistency and belief in a cleaner environment. It may mean reminding your customers how the products can save the environment.

Customers must understand what compostable products mean to their health and the environment. With a lot of misinformation, customers aren’t safe. Our role is to ensure they access the right info and products.

More people need to join green products bandwagon. Some products may carry a mark to proclaim their sustainability. But more effort in promoting green benefits can turn more people into eco advocates.

Businesses that persist in promoting sustainable measures can build a positive image. Customers may want to join your brand to feel part of a sustainable movement.

Crawl, then walk to Sustainability.

You may want to grow into a sustainable brand, but all the steps seem insurmountable. You’re not alone. Many brands people fear the uncertainty of realigning their businesses.

Every new step comes with risks. But a step-by-step approach can help you progress smoothly into sustainability. Overhauling your practices right away could be costly.

Create a plan that can help you reach your sustainable goals. Then scrap all the processes that are inefficient.

For example, before switching to compostable paper cups do a cost audit. Analyse several vendor prices before buying. Credible vendors will give a free quote to help you analyse their prices.

Why Sustainable Coffee Shop Practices are Crucial

For many businesses, sustainable practices are about fulfilling an innate need. The measures involve ensuring your brand protects the environment and reduces waste.

Being sustainable sometimes can be about meeting a market’s need. With more customers going green, businesses must change. Changing for the customer’s sake protect’s your bottom line and increases loyalty.

Sustainability means brands can sell themselves as responsible and socially committed. Customers now love affiliating with sustainable brands. Brands can take advantage of the trend to flourish.




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