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Biodegradable Paper Cups

Coffee Cups that are compostable

Biodegradable Paper Cups, Compostable Paper Cups, Bio Paper Cups

Biodegradable Paper Cups are perfect for all hot and cold drinks.

Bio Polymer Paper Cups are available for our full range of products, please mention in your comment that you want a quote on Bio Polymer paper cups to get a custom quote for your preferred product in a biodegradable avatar.

Biodegradable Takeaway cups can help your position as a pro green business and at the same time satisfy your personal concern for mother nature.

Bio polymer paper cups are perfectly suited for coffee and other hot drink serving.


Full colour Printed High Quality Takeaway Cups.
Food Safe Inks used.
Can be custom printed up to eight colors.
Paperboard used is extrusion coated with a 100% safe and biodegradable Bio Polymer lining.
Minimum 300 gsm paper boards used.
Virtually unlimited design choices.
provide your own design or we design for you.
Minimum order quantity of 1000 cups for 8oz, 12oz , 16oz
4oz espresso cups from 3000.


A bespoke Biodegradable Paper Cup  is the perfect space for promoting your brand, get your brand logo and a nice design to wrap around our prestine white paper cups and you have a walking billboard for you.

THe Bio Polymenr lining and the thick high quality board used in our takeaway cups provides wonderful insulation but for higher heat insulation if you’re serving piping hot drinks, you would possibly need cup sleeves or select Double Wall Cups. For hot drinks ask for Biodegradable paper double wall cups instead,

Our bespoke bio paper takeaway cups are environment friendly, recyclable and 100% biodegradable and compostable.


The Compostable Paper Cups are perfect for serving Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Tea, Mocha, Milkshakes and other Hot Drinks.

Biodegradable Paper Cups
One of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution is food packaging. People all
over the world over eat fast foods and dispose of the packaging without giving
much thought to how major a contribution it is to pollution. While there are many forms of packaging in the market that are partially biodegradable, very few can claim to be fully so. New technology has
now made it possible to develop branded paper cups that are 100% biodegradable.The statistics are mind-blowing. In the U.K alone, 25,000 tons of waste are generated from the
2.5 billion disposable cups that are dumped annually. As global warming and
climate change are taking center stage in many discussion tables, more and more people are becoming environmentally cautious and are disposing of their waste more carefully. It is for this reason that we have introduced fully biodegradable branded paper cups to meet consumer needs and take care of the environment at the same time. This means complete elimination of petroleum-based plastic from our range of products.

Biodegradable Paper Cups are Easy to Recycle and Have no Toxins

Our caution to take care of the environment while producing biodegradable cups accompanies every step of our production process. The paper we use to manufacture the cups is obtained strictly from U.K mills which get their timber from forests that are sustainable and certified. This not only ensures that the environment is kept sustainable but also that the local economy is supported.

One of the major challenges in the production of disposable cups comes in manufacturing
paper coffee cups. Due to the nature of the product, it is not possible to make the cup from 100% cardboard or paper alone. A thin layer of plastic is normally blended with the paper to prevent it from getting soggy. The introduction of this layer of plastic has made recycling difficult since special facilities are needed to separate the plastic from the paper. Consequently, many recycling plants shun these types of cups, making them end up in landfills.

New technology, however, has made it possible to recycle bio plastics that are made from sugar cane, corn, trees and plants. Such products can be broken down into their constituent parts over time using biological organisms and then fully absorbed by the earth. Other than those made using potato starch, most bio plastics have absolutely no allergens. A report published by the Michigan Biotechnology Institute and Michigan State University showed that the humic material created can be used to improve nutrient and water retention which helps plants grow healthier with a lower amount of chemical fertilizer. This will subsequently improve the environment further as, eventually, the production of chemical fertilizers using unsustainable means will experience a decline.

Bio plastics are consistently ranked as the number one energy-efficient choice. For instance, 200,000 barrels of oil are used every day in the United States to manufacture plastic packaging. Because biodegradable products use renewable resources rather than oil, huge cuts in oil consumption can be achieved.

Biodegradable Paper Cups Help Improve Brand Image

The Sustainable Products Corporation states that sustainable products offer social, environmental and economic benefits while, at the same time, protecting public welfare, health and the environment.

A more environmentally aware public is calling for and expects businesses to observe sustainable means of production in all their business practices. Consumers are increasingly turning their backs on businesses and products which they feel do not observe environmental sustainability in their production.

By adopting environmentally friendly items like biodegradable branded cups, you will be improving your company’s public image as well as boosting sales. In a survey conducted by PR Newswire, the results showed that 89% of consumers prefer lifestyles that are environmentally friendly. A major element of such lifestyles is the use of green products. Opting to use products that are eco-friendly sends the message that the company is interested in a sustainable environment and particularly targets customers who advocate green living.

As more and more emphasis is put on environmentally friendly lifestyles and recycling, an increasing number of consumers are toning down on their purchase of certain products and buying strictly from brands which use biodegradable packaging products. Restaurateurs as well as coffee shop owners, supermarkets and retailers can enhance their sales potential and, subsequently, their profits, by appealing to customers who are environmentally conscious by using and selling biodegradable cups.

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