What Paper Cups are Right for Your Business

Paper cups attract attention and many questions from customers. Customers are concerned about their safety, environmental impact, and usability of the cups.

Meanwhile, you are always on the lookout for the right paper cups that can meet all your customers’ expectations. When choosing paper cups, you ponder a lot on their cost, design, type, durability, and sustainability.

But have you found a credible solution in your quest? Most probably, NO!

We are here to enlighten you on paper cup types and the critical factors to take into account when choosing paper cups for your business.

Paper Cups Manufacturing

Many manufacturers are vague about the production, recyclability, and safety of their paper cups. Any information from them depicts their products as immaculate while tainting competitors.

Truth, paper cups manufacturing involves different raw materials’sources, production processes, and coating styles. Plus, innovations include only raw materials since paper cups are not a new concept.

Paper cups manufacturing started back in 1907 when a Boston lawyer envisioned a solution to counter cholera and diphtheria spread. Before, people had been sharing communal cups in public water drinking spots.

These conventional paper cups involve the use of virgin paper boards plus leak proof chemicals and a polyethylene plastic film to prevent leakages. Polyethylene plastic, though considered safe, can leach a toxic metalloid known as antimony into food and drinks.

Paper boards originate straight from harvested trees, thus the word “virgin.” You will find some paper manufacturers in proximity to forests and woodlands.

The chemicals and the bonded paper film make the paper cups so hard to recycle. The raw woods used in making thecups creates intense pressure on the environment through deforestation.

Disposable paper cups marketed as recyclable follow the conventional paper manufacturing style. They are the most used and account for 7 million coffee cups dumped in the UK daily.

Only 0.1 percent of disposable paper cups get recycled because of the cited challenges. More, recycling them is strenous because they require individual recycling machines and distinct processes.

There have been questions about whether styrofoam paper cups are a better alternative to disposable paper cups.

Styrofoam paper cups hail from polystyrene, a popular plastic used in all industries.

Styrene has harmful effects on human health, and when disposed of, it infiltrates water bodies endangering aquatic life.

Styrene harms caused Newyork, Seattle, Washington DC, Miami Beach, and San Diego to banStyrofoam paper cups.

Expanded styrene is 100% recyclable. However, many recyclers don’t accept styrene into their plants because of its negative health impact on workers.


What About Biodegradable Paper Cups?

Biodegradable paper cups manufacturing involves the use of recycled paper boards. The cups can also get manufactured with renewable materials like corn and bamboo trees.

The biodegradable cups are food grade and comprise a PLA lamination to prevent leaks,

PLA is a bioplastic that comes from corn starch and sugarcane. It is bio-based and 100% biodegradable. Its two qualities allow microorganisms to break it into composites, water and carbon dioxide.

As a thermoplastic, manufacturers can remelt and reshape PLA into other products without losing its mechanical properties. During oxygenation, PLA does not release toxic fumes, meaning, it’s viable for applications in many safety-minded industries.

Types of Paper Cups

There are two primary types of paper cups. Knowing them will help you in making the right selection.

Single Wall Paper Cup

Single wall paper cups possess one layer of card, are light and friendly to use. Customers can use the cups for moderate hot and cold drinks because of their layer. They suit customers who love moderate heat coffee and takeaway coffee.

Single-walled paper cups are safe and comprise PLA coated film. They are therefore non-soggy. Remember, to issue customers cup sleeves when serving hot coffee with the cups.

You can find them in 4, 8, 12, 16oz sizes. Plus, theyhave sip lids.

Double Wall Paper Cup 

Double wall paper cups brace two layers of insulation. The additional layer enhances rigidity and comfort when handling hot coffee.

Many businesses prefer double wall paper cups because they suit customers and are more efficient for takeaways.

The vacuum in between the insulation allows coffee to stay hot for long hours. Customers can, therefore, use the double wall paper cups when travelling over long distances, going for picnics, birthdays, weddings, and many other activities.

While making paper cup orders, remember to include paper coasters or paper sleeves to ensure you serve your customers well.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Paper Cups

You now have an in-depth understanding of paper cups, but that knowledge alone may not be adequate to make the right buying decision. There are more factors to consider when planning to buy paper cups.


Your primary goal is to make profits. Any paper cups that comprise millions of benefits but come at a high price may not be sustainable for your business. To get a bargain when buying paper cups, ensure you do solid background research and analyse all biodegradable paper cup suppliers and manufacturers.


Paper cups are now a branding material, and their design is influential. So, even when going for eco-friendly paper cups, prioritise designs. Customers are dynamic; just offering them a biodegradable paper cup doesn’t hack it. For example, check our branded paper cups; they comprise designs bound to enhance your brand image.

Also, consider and confirm ink safety when buying branded paper cups. Water-based inks dry out and cannot contaminate beverages in a coffee cup.

Manufacturer Credibility

You can not buy paper cups without keenness. You must confirm if the manufacturer is honest and commits to sustainable packaging solutions.

Check online reviews, ask around and confirm from clients they claim to deal with. You can get a lot of information from a manufacturer’s website.

A credible manufacturer will ensure on-time supplies, buy paper from FSA or PEFC certified mills, and have good relations with authorities.


By now, you know biodegradable paper cups when PLA coated serve the environment, customers, and your business well. You only need to assess cost, safety, design, and manufacturer credibility to get a reliable supply of the cups.









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