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Printed Paper Cups with Cup Sleeves are one of the most sought after products, mostly for people who have a stock of single wall cupsCoffee sleeves also known as coffee clutches, coffee cozies, hot cup jackets are an indispensable part of any coffee shops,shops or restaurants that serves hot beverages in recent times.

Coffee sleeves can be defined as  roughly cylindrical sleeves which firmly fit around the paper coffee cups or soup cups to insulate the drinker’s fingers from hot coffee

Coffee sleeves also know as Java Jackets are invented and patented in USA by Jay Sorensen in 1993[1] (under the trademarked name Java Jacket).However in UK we call it in its generic name paper cup sleeves and we manufacture them at Branded Paper Cups.

US5826786-2-611 - The Paper Cup PatentAn interesting fact that this invention of simple paper cup sleeve that brought comfort to our on the go coffee consumption is housed in the same building as Vincent van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” and Andy Warhol’s “Campbell’s Soup Cans”.

Although Jay Sorensen was not an artist but an inventor whose invention can be found not in the café at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), but rather in the museum’s collections alongside renowned works of art worth millions.

We love our coffee,it is practically everywhere.Coffee can be listed as the most loved drinks among many today.People love coffee sleeves  for a comfortable cup of drink.

Coffee sleeves would be a cheap yet a great tool to advertise your brand to more and more people daily.We the Branded paper cups team offer you a wide range of options to promote your brand using coffee sleeves.Unlike expensive billboards coffee sleeves can be easily customised and redesigned whenever you feel like,whenever  you want to change your logo or want to spread the mood of the current season through a new image.Billboards are great tool for advertisement too but billboards are concentrated to a particular area or zone and they are very expensive to be customised as and when required.

Whereas  paper cup,a cup sleeves fitted with a paper cup can reach most difficult corners and random attention that TV commercials or billboards would miss. Brand your Product or Service easily and at one-tenth of the cost,go for Branded Paper Cups.

We at Branded Paper Cups are dedicated to design highly customisable paper cup sleeves that will aptly cater all your branding requirement.We are a 100% UK manufacturer of printed paper cup sleeves,bespoke paper cups, specializing in branding bespoke high quality cup sleeves  to your corporate. Business or personal brand identity at the best cost available all over UK and EU.

Branded Paper Cups  offer best European quality 100%  UK manufactured paper sleeves with an express 72 hours hassle free delivery.


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