Scyphus Responds To Growing Consumer Demand for Healthy Snacks at Social Events by Supplying Fresh Popcorn, Machines and Custom Popcorn Boxes

Imagine you’re animatedly chatting with long lost friends at a wedding party. In your hand, you’re holding a baby blue coloured popcorn box half filled with tasty salted popcorn. On the popcorn box is a custom message from the newlyweds inscribed in gold. The popcorn is still warm. A cool breeze sweeps through the venue and you catch a whiff of the different delicious popcorn recipes served today. Every guest at the wedding has their own baby blue gold inscribed popcorn box.

Popcorn was once considered a reserve for the cinema. Today, it’s one of the popular snacks served in many different social events and at home. Popcorn bars are fast becoming a hot trend in weddings across the UK and Europe. Huge corporations are opting to serve freshly popped popcorn as a treat for guests at events. Weight loss enthusiasts are eating popcorn to keep cravings at bay.


Popcorn is low in calories and rich in nutrients and fibre. It’s a versatile snack that can be consumed plain with a little dab of salt or, mixed with a variety of spices and ingredients to create a delicious taste bud flattering snack.

Studies show that consumers are opting for popcorn over traditional snacks like crisps

Peoples love for popcorn seems to keep growing and there’s research to back this up. The market research company recently reported that the popcorn industry is expected to grow by at least 7% each year until 2020. Research conducted by another market research company Eureka! supports this. The company reported that more women in their 20s and 30s are opting to buy popcorn compared to other snacks like crisps.

This change in snacking preferences and tastes hasn’t gone unnoticed by the branded paper cup and assorted accessories manufacturer Scyphus. For a long time, the company has been a market leader in the branded paper cup industry supplying their products to clients within the UK and across Europe.

Keeping in line with paper box manufacturing Scyphus has now ventured into the popcorn business. In a bold move, the company is tapping into an existing market that’s based on the growing demand for healthy and tasty snacks and, the need for personalised and branded items at social events.

Event organizers get easy way to personally reach everyone in their event

Scyphus embarked on an expansion drive that targeted event organisers. The move involves supplying delicious fresh popped popcorn at events served in custom popcorn boxes. It also involves renting out popcorn machines which are strategically places within event venues.

Few people can resist the sweet smell of freshly popped popcorn. Served at your event, your guests are sure to remember the occasion for years to come. Add in custom made popcorn boxes complete with your events theme colours and message and you’re sure to stamp your brand into your guests mind. Personally reaching each and every one in attendance at your event has never been easier.

This new offering from Scyphus opens up unlimited ways for event organisers to add a touch of fun and personalised branding messages that attendees will love. The company also employs an in house creative team that works alongside clients to create custom themed popcorn boxes for their events.

Your event attendees are likely to want popcorn served in a popcorn box

UK consumers are more health conscious and would pay more for healthy and organic food. The research company Mintel conducted a research whose findings show that 70% of snackers would want manufacturers to reduce sugar and salt content in snacks. Many would also prefer natural sugars like honey added to snacks over artificial sugars.

Fresh air-popped popcorn is as natural and organic as a snack can get. Besides the health benefits popcorn provides, many consumers eat this snack simply for the experience. Popcorn can be prepared in many different ways ranging from adding toppings like chocolate to preparing flavour filled recipes like the popular chilli popcorn. When prepared and served on the spot it will retain its sweet aroma and taste compared to when pre-prepared and packed.

Speaking of packaging, paper popcorn boxes are better preferred over the traditional popcorn tub. One reason for this is that the popcorn box is made using environment friendly recyclable material just like the tubs are too, but the major advantage is in easy storage, they come as plain unfolded stacks and the end user can fold and turn them into boxes easily when needed, thus requiring much less storage. Another reason is that the paper box is easy to customize and comes in different sizes. Finally, popcorn boxes are more cost effective.


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