Takeaway Culture is fast moving the Britons away from English eating habits

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Britons are famous for their immaculate eating habits as well as various forms of table etiquette. However, the hectic work schedules are forcing most Britons to lead a faster lifestyle which forcing them to have meals or snacks on-the-go rather than in a formal setting like sitting in a restaurant. Whether it is good or bad is a different debate altogether, but Britons are fast adapting to this new lifestyle.
with the changing dynamics of the food and culinary industry in the United Kingdom, the habits of the patrons are also changing. Today, Steve Morris would shed some light on the fast emerging trend of takeaway food containers and takeaway paper cups in the United Kingdom. United Kingdom is a country which is known for its elegant food etiquette as well as culinary skills. Owing to this very reason, the emergence of takeaway food culture is a huge surprise in the country.

The emergence of fast-moving consumers in the United Kingdom:

The emergence of this trend is owing to the rise in the number of consumers who are always on the move. This number has risen rapidly in the past few years. This trend is more of a necessity rather than a novelty. These days, people are more frequently seen having their meals on the trains rather than in the restaurants. This rising trend is also associated with the emergence of multiple options of restaurant cuisines as well as different restaurant models which have emerged lately. The changing needs, as well as the taste of the consumers, has given further impetus to this trend of eating on-the-go. Owing to this emerging trend, the eating out segment of the restaurant industry in the United Kingdom is projected to grow by 3.4%. This growth rate is projected to remain steady throughout 2018 and 2019.

Multiple triggers for on-the-go eating habits:

The trend of on-the-go eating is necessitated by a few changes in our lifestyles as well as some aiding factors. The prime factor which is leading the rise of this trend is the lesser allocation of time for having meals as well as snacks. The lines between eating time and working time have blurred more than ever. According to research, at least 51% of the people in the United Kingdom are not able to have a healthy food on a consistent basis and are always trying to cope up with the dietary needs of the body. On the other hand, the time allocated for meals especially the lunch has drastically shrunk down to 15 minutes for most of the people. The trend became more worrying when it came to light that up to 10% of the people are consuming snacks rather than meals in a study which was done by the University of Westminster.

The rising trend of eating outside:

Oxford farming conference published a paper on the 1st of this year which articulated the fact that more and more people are opting to eat outside to have lunch as well as other meals outside rather than having home-made food. Eating outside is no longer a novelty experience for most of the people. Owing to the lack of time and fast-paced lifestyles, most of the people do not have a comfortable and hearty breakfast. In fact, according to the same people, at least 25 million people more often skip their breakfast in order to meet the rising demands of their lifestyle. Their worries, as well as tensions, are just adding to this number. Due to demanding lifestyles, most of the people have meals whenever they are hungry rather than eating at the traditional meal times.
The trend of eating outside receives a boost, from the number of people who are opting for takeaway food options. Most of these people like to have their meals while working or during their commute to work. This has become a necessity rather than a choice owing to the hectic work schedules of most people.
VoucherCodes recently conducted a survey which brought to fore the fact that more and more people are opting to eat outside rather than at their homes. According to that survey, at least 44% of the people claimed that eating outside was a much more convenient option as they do not get the time to stock food in their homes. An additional 38% of the people also added that they do not cook at home owing to the long list of chores they have to accomplish during the time at home like washing the dishes. This fast emerging trend has unknowingly boosted the takeaway food market and the takeaway spending by the British citizens topped € 6 billion.
This has also increased the average spending per meal by the British citizens. In 2016, this figure stood at € 18.11. The millennial generation that is the citizens in the age group of 18 to 24 are the prime consumers who prefer to snack outside as well as have other meals outside like breakfast, lunch, dinner. The millennial generation is the one which is relying more on outside meals and take away options in order to satisfy their hunger. The lifestyle of this generation is also very hectic as compared to the older generation. Most of the millennials necessarily do not mind skipping the breakfast as well in order to meet their hectic schedules. In addition to that, the millennials also do not pay any specific attention formal eating habits or and indulging in healthy meals.

The changing face of food industry according to consumer demand:

Owing to the changing demands of the consumers, the food industry is also forced to change. As more and more people opt for eating outside rather than eating at their home, more and more restaurants, as well as fast food centers, are offering their consumers with the takeaway options. These are not just specific to the later meals in the day but also the breakfast options like poached eggs and saucy beans as well as cereals and porridge are available for takeaway.
The availability of disposable containers and takeaway paper cups are replacing containers like mugs and plates, this is making it easier for the consumers to eat on-the-go. The takeaway industry is not just focused on the unhealthy meals or meals which are tasty but rather it also has the healthy options as well which has been made possible with the help of newer container options like takeaway paper cups. These days, healthy snacks, as well as soups, are being introduced with the takeaway option by using disposable containers and takeaway paper cups. This rising demand for takeaway food options is also fueling the growth of restaurants as well as bakeries as more and more such businesses open up in every nook and cranny of the country. This trend is not just limited to restaurants or fast food outlets but also cafes, as well as bakeries, are witnessing a brisk rise in takeaway food sales. Even the traditional restaurants and fast food centers are responding to this trend. Recently, KFC opened up its restaurant at Manchester airport which has a high demand for takeaway food options.

Takeaway food options are also turning healthy:

Not all the consumers are ignoring nutrition as well as their health when it comes to takeaway food options. These days, there are healthier takeaway food options which are fast emerging as well. There are a few franchise restaurants as well as fast food centers which are sourcing healthy meals as well the ingredients in order to provide healthier alternatives to the millennial generation. These businesses are also concentrating on providing more nutrition by including vegetables in the main recipe or on the side. Many restaurants are trying out the micro-franchise options for various cuisines in order to provide a regional menu which would help them sources the vegetables as well as ingredients locally. These options are also becoming quite popular among the takeaway consumers.
The rising demand by millennials to make food and meal options more beneficial for their health is not falling on deaf ears. A good example of this is the recent announcement by McDonald’s to use newer broiler chicken antibiotics policy from the year of 2018 in order to satisfy the demands of the customers and to provide them with healthier alternatives. In addition to that, KFC has also heard the voice of the consumers to include something healthier in their meals and therefore, they have proposed the use of raw cauliflowers as well as boiled chicken into their traditional menu.

Emerging Chinese Takeaway food options:

Additionally, the takeaway food options which have been famous in the United Kingdom are fish and chips. However, these food options are now making way for Chinese Takeaway food options. According to a study which was carried out by Paymentsense, at least 35% of the people responded in that study to prefer Chinese Takeaway options while 24% of the respondents preferred Indian food. The Italian staple Pizza came in at the 3rd position. The same study also highlighted the fact that 57% of the people prefer the delivery option rather than eating out at the restaurant when opting for takeaways. Only 25% of the people preferred to directly pick their takeaway. At least 18% of the people ordered their food online.
According to the same study, Britons at least ordered for the takeaway once every week. Among the gender diversity, men prefer takeaway meals more and do not hesitate to spend more on them as compared to women.

Mobile technology is aiding on-the-go consumers:

On-the-go consumers are always looking for technology which can come to their aid when they are looking to get their favourite takeaway food options. That is why it is evident that the restaurants, as well as fast food outlets which are having their own mobile ordering app, witnessed a brisk rise in their business as consumers prefer to order online rather than waiting in the queue to order their favourite meal. This has also resulted in restaurants paying more attention to the technology backend and offering additional discounts and vouchers to consumers who are ordering through their mobile app. The restaurants who have been proactive in this regard by using innovative packing solutions like takeaway paper cups, have witnessed their business grow at a brisk pace.
As the demand for on-the-go meals as well as food solutions increase, more and more restaurants are trying to cater to the entire spectrum of takeaway food options so that they are able to capture a larger market share. In addition to that, restaurants are innovating with the cuisine options to convert them into takeaway food options which are preferred by the customers. With the help of customised food containers, even the cuisines which were thought to be very difficult to pack in takeaway containers and takeaway paper cups, are now available as takeaway food options. This rising trend of takeaway food options is helping the entire food industry to evolve and rejuvenate itself.

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