Biodegradable Paper Cups and Food Containers: When Buying British is good for the environment

carbon footprint and bio paper cupsDrinking coffee impacts the environment through carbon emissions and waste from coffee cups. One study shows that landfills contain trillions of tones of disposable coffee cups. It’s for this reason, most Britons may insist on using biodegradable paper cups.

Businesses have to use biodegradable paper cups as they strive to stay sustainable. Coffee cups are essential for serving customers. You have to use the right ones to create positive brand impressions.

But are these biodegradable coffee cups genuinely eco-friendly, as suggested? Yes, you can compost or recycle biodegradable paper cups that are made up of a plant-based coating. Eco-friendly cardboards and printing inks also ensure that a coffee cup is sustainable.

Still, the coffee cups’ country of origin also determines its sustainability. Domestic biodegradable coffee cups may offer more environmental benefits than imported ones. How is this possible? Continue reading to learn more.

Lesser Miles, Fewer Carbon Emissions

There are enough UK manufacturers producing food containers. Yet, some businesses may import to enjoy lower prices. Asian countries like China, which enjoy cheaper labour, provide huge competition to the UK made products.

But importing from any country comes with a frightening environmental cost. Greenhouse emissions are higher when you buy your product from far-flung sources. Transporting the coffee cups expends lots of energy and frustrates fossil fuel sources.

Our World in Data shows that transport accounts for 21% of global carbon emissions. The worrying fact is that fossil fuels like coal and gas are non-renewable forms of energy. Scientists predict the sources to deplete by 2043 if demand increases.

Buying biodegradable paper cups UK equates to lesser miles and fewer carbon emissions. You may spend a few pounds higher for better quality. But it’s a price to create a better place for future generations.

Certainty about the Source of Raw Materials

Sometimes, coffee cups labelled biodegradable aren’t necessarily biodegradable paper cups. There’s a lot that goes into making coffee cups genuinely sustainable. Imported coffee cups usually come short for one big reason. You can never be certain about the source of materials.

Most abroad manufacturers make paper products from illegal wood sources. These manufacturers buy wood from impoverished countries due to weak environmental laws. This leads to more forest degradation and damaging to water catchment areas.

For instance, in Peru, illegal logging occurs at a rate of up to 85%. Myanmar faces the worst rates at 85%. Ironically, countries strict on tree harvesting are the heaviest buyers of illegal woods.

For instance, look at China. This is the largest producer of paper products. Yet, they report the lowest rates of deforestation. You would expect some consistency between production and the consumption of trees.

The beauty of buying the UK made bio paper cups is to confirm where raw materials come from. Visit FSC or PEFC and ask for their affiliated members. It will only take you a short time to find 100% UK biodegradable paper cups.

Briton Manufacturers Have to Maintain Top Standards

Quality often results in sustainability. Quality means that the manufacturer gave a lot of thought to the functional value of a product. It also means that they considered what the consumer cares about, for instance, sustainability.

Britain’s manufacturers have held a reputation for producing quality products for millennia. International consumers love British products. It’s normal to expect every British product to be of the highest quality. So, manufacturers have no option other than to dance to the tune of customers.

British biodegradable paper cups have to meet quality and sustainability standards. This means food-safe boards and printing inks used in making coffee cups. Sustainable wood is also becoming the preferred alternative, while bio-coatings replaced plastic ones.

Easier to Counter Check Production Standards

Dealing with abroad manufacturers is as stressful as being in a long-distance relationship. Keeping track of your partner, in this case, the manufacturer can be impossible. No matter how you’re keen, there’s a real chance of them not being honest or faithful.

You have to work with a manufacturer who gives you room to conduct quality checks on their premises. You can find out if your supplier abides by environmental regulations if they’re near you. Sometimes you can ask for samples without worrying about delivery durations.

Ordering from abroad means you’re leaving the quality of your product to chance. You’ll never know what processes your manufacturer uses. Do they pay fair wages? Are they keen on their carbon imprint? Do they use sustainable materials when making coffee cups?

Domestic Manufacturer Must Portray a Sustainable Image

A positive brand image is everything in running a successful business. It creates trust with customers and builds loyalty. Eco-conscious or socially responsible companies usually have a stronger appeal in the market. Most brands would do all it takes to improve their brand image.

And one way of boosting a brand image is to create or use sustainable products. A study done during lockdown shows that Britons want to spend on green products. 81% of UK customers are more concerned than ever about the planet. People are recycling more, using less plastic, and spending less time showering.

British companies have to provide green products to stay in the good books of the customers. It isn’t easy to expect the same from international companies or importers. Most of them may not feel accountable to the UK customer.

People Know the Whole Shebang about Domestic Manufacturers

It can be difficult for UK companies to avoid environmental responsibility. Britons may have more information about a domestic manufacturer than abroad ones. They can maximize the information to punish unsustainable brands.

Customers can do little to influence the behaviour of an importer. But they have the entire arsenal to destroy local brands. Buyer’s power can compel domestic brands to go green and embrace sustainability.

Find 100% UK Biodegradable Paper Cups Here

If you’re looking for reasons to buy British products, then let the environment be on the top of your list. Buying British improves your choices and cuts the risk of landing on shoddy products. It also vastly increases your chances of finding greener products.



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