7 Ways to Get Good Returns from Printed Paper Cups

While the primary role of paper cups is to serve your customers, they can also fill in as promotional tools. These cups can carry your logo and put it in front of your audience.


Printed paper cups enjoy immense visibility owing to their versatility. A paper cup is portable, multi-purpose and repurposable. You can use it anywhere for hot and cold beverages and later turn the empty cup into a planter.


Even so, few businesses can squeeze out the actual value of printed cups. There are several ways to ensure printed paper cups fulfil their potential. Read on to learn more;


Sell Ad Space


It’s often said an effective advertising tool should have high visibility. Paper cups’ potential in marketing results from the vast audience of non-alcoholic beverage drinkers. In the UK alone, we drink 85 million cups of coffee every day.


If you run a coffee shop, you have an already active audience that most brands would die for. You could leverage it to boost your income. All you have to do is to auction the space on your paper cups for ads.


Most small businesses are looking for effective yet affordable methods of advertising. The big brands rule digital mediums, and sponsored ads make it hard for some companies. Startups can get more returns from paper cup ads as it gives them more attention.


Place Your Logo on the Cups


If you’re not selling ad space, transform your cups into brand ambassadors by adding your logos. Using standard printed cups wastes what could be an effective marketing platform.


Think of your customers as the key to unlock your business’ potential. Most of them usually do word of mouth marketing for you. Branded paper cups could be the missing piece to harness their loyalty.


The potential of branded paper cups goes to the roof when you’re offering takeaway coffee cups. You have no idea where to-go customers can take your brand. It could be to their office, home, or an event that could give your brand extra limelight.


Then again, you could give your cups a unique touch by going with custom options. Customising allows you to integrate your ideas into the designs. This way, you can create cups that help you stand out in your industry.


Build Relationships With Customers


With technology, conversations have become empty. We talk less and chat more. It’s harder to forge a real connection with your customers.

Advertisements have increased, making people lose interest. Customers are looking for brands that care and make them feel valued.


Rather than promote, think about using your paper cups to touch your customer’s heart. Apart from the logo, add messages that spark joy or ignite smiles. Make your message short and meaningful.


Any act that triggers happiness can leave a lasting impression on customers. Customers will feel grateful and seek opportunities to have such a feeling again. This will cause them to return to your business to reward you or for similar experiences.





Use as Coupon Cups


When you want more sales or brand attention, add a raffle into the experience. Anything that’s a win for your customers can boost traffic to your store.


More than 50% of UK customers use coupons or loyalty schemes. Coupons are vital to customers and are an effective way to attract new and keep old customers.


You may wonder how you’ll make money giving out discounts. But you don’t have to give out large discounts. As long as you convince customers they’ll win, you have a powerful promotional tool.


Scyphus manufactures stylish coupon cups with an edge to grab customers’ attention. These cups come with a peeling-off section to reveal prizes, tickets, or discounts. Your customers will spread the word about your incentive, which can lure others.


Give Out Printed Paper Cups as Giveaways


In this age, we tend to focus on digital marketing strategies. In the end, we forget the tried and tested traditional advertising strategies. When was the last time you ran a giveaway campaign?


Giveaways can bring more returns than many modern marketing strategies. They can generate excitement and help show your love. And as a result of their tactility, they can produce better responses.


An effective giveaway should improve the quality of your customer’s life. A takeaway printed paper cup tick many boxes when it comes to empowering customers. It’s a way of enabling customers to enjoy what they love.


Add Variety to Boost Customer Service


Some marketers argue that giving customers many options is a recipe for confusion. The argument is that an extra option can make decision-making harder.


But sometimes, more options can make the buying experience even more fulfilling. Many customers want the ability to exercise control over their buying decisions. For example, you wouldn’t like going to a restaurant that serves only one dish.


So, allow customers to choose their printed cup: offer different sizes and colours. Scyphus supplies coffee cups sizes from 4oz to 16oz in eight different colours.


Go With Sustainable Coffee Cups


Discarded coffee cups can end up as litter or in a recycling plant. Unfortunately, not all printed paper cups in the UK are recyclable.


The good thing; increased environmental awareness has led to a surge in eco-conscious customers. One survey shows 96% of customers feel buying sustainable products can make a difference.


Most customers will buy from sustainable brands. So, you’re living money on the table if you’re not pushing sustainability. Go with sustainable products—start with biodegradable paper cups.


Bio paper cups can help you promote your brand while safeguarding its image. People will want to associate with a brand that stands champions a clean environment.


Reach out to Scyphus manufacturers for 100% biodegradable paper cups. We reinforce these cups with a biofilm that ensures our cups are compostable and easy to recycle.


Let’s Us Help Improve the ROIs of Your Printed Paper Cups


Every pound on marketing should bring back some return to justify continued spending. Sometimes, the returns can make you think you’re wasting your efforts and resources.


Try using our tips to get more value out of your printed paper cups. Beyond that, we can design paper cups that help you generate more leads and grow your sales. Contact us to start discussions about your next project.



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