Relaunching our popular Stock Paper Cups

relaunching-stock-printed-paper-cupsCustomers of Scyphus, UK’s leading Printed Paper Cup Company may remember not so long ago that we offered a full selection of stock printed paper cups in a wide variety of themes and designs, and sales were always highly satisfactory. However, we began to pay more attention to our niche customized and branded paper cups, while shifting our focus away from our stock paper cups, eventually ending the product line altogether.

This decision was met with some dismay by our smaller clients who relied on us for our valuable service and our quality and affordable printed paper cup designs. It was not an easy decision to make at the time, but in the interest of what was best for our company, it was a decision that needed to be made. Selling our products to smaller clients helped build us up to the point where we were able to begin marketing to and working directly with the larger, branded corporations that enabled us to see much higher profits and long-term gains.

We’ve worked with industry giants such as HP, YouTube, Bing, Solberg & Hansen, Java Java, Mario’s, and other highly recognizable brands. We’ve put QR barcodes on paper cups, and kept up with the innovation and technology that industry giants expect.

We were well aware of what we were trying to accomplish, and at the time, it made sound business sense. Cafes and clubs across the UK were beginning to witness a change in the market approach in the past several years, and they were attempting to fight for a distinct space in the market, which has been flooded and overcrowded with highly visible brand names, often from enormous retail chains that could afford to bump these smaller businesses off the ladder.

These retail giants were attempting to create viable brand recognition, and plaster their identity across paper cups, to the chagrin of the smaller businesses that were being left behind in this emerging market. We focused so much on these new branded paper cups, that we reinvented our design and consultancy team, re-training them to meet the high expectations of the enormous coffee houses that were appealing to a new generation of hip and fanciful clients.

These coffee chains were opening shop on every corner across the United Kingdom and Europe, led by a new generation of aggressive entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs expected only the very best in quality and brand recognition, and because we saw such a massive surging demand for these products, we placed our entire focus in joining this “coffee culture” movement.

However, since the very first day we ended sales of our stock printed paper cups, we began wrestling with a dilemma of immense proportions. This dilemma often kept us awake at night, or perhaps that was the coffee. Either way, we were struggling with the decision to reintroduce our stock range of printed paper cups, or continue selling unique, easily identifiable niche brand paper cups. Even though the demand for branded paper cups continued to rise, we took notice that the market for stock printed paper cups was not diminishing, and we acknowledged that while that particular market had taken a dive in recent years, it was climbing back up.

So while we have seen enormous success in catering to our large client base of wealthy entrepreneurs, auto giants, coffee clubs, and other fast-moving consumer good brands, we have felt some remorse over disappointing the start-up companies that were not able to launch without the backing of large investments.

We realized that we had been disappointing and ultimately turning our backs on the majority of “ma and pa” coffee shops and other small, family owned businesses that engage in selling coffee with a friendly smile and pleasing service to local communities. We realized that these small business owners needed an outlet for high quality, professionally designed stock printed paper cups, to help seal their brand recognition and allow them to compete with the larger market giants we have been doing business with.

In a recent company meeting, we thought long and hard on the situation, and we decided that it’s time we stop ignoring this smaller market demand. Just because smaller coffee shops don’t have enormous financial budgets to spend on marketing and brand design, does not mean they don’t deserve the same quality of service as the leading retail giants. If anything, they deserve a helping hand, because a competitive spirit and a consumer choice of multiple brands is what helps stimulate a healthy economy.

In fact, during this meeting, most of us shared stories and memories from our favorite small, local coffee shops and clubs. Every community has a favorite local eatery or coffee shop, where members of the community congregate to discuss topics of interest relevant to the community. While retail giants may have taken over the market, everyone can still think of at least one local shop that hangs in there and serves hot, fresh coffee and sandwiches to locales with a smile.

Therefore, we are excited to announce the reintroduction of our stock range of printed paper cups, beginning soon. You will once again be able to browse and purchase a large selection of custom paper cups, at prices that are affordable for the small business owners. We will not turn our backs on the community coffee shops, the local eateries, or any of the other start-up businesses that are often ran by families looking to make an honest living.

We can’t say for sure when we will have a full range selection of stock printed paper cups on our shelves once again, but we know for certain that it’s going to happen. We have already begun the process of consulting our creative design team, coming up with themes and prints that will appeal to a wide variety of customers. These stock printed paper cups will become available as soon as we feel ready to launch those products once again, so in the meantime, stay tuned as we aim to once again capture the market, harness the energy, and envision bold new strategies that will launch Scyphus, the Printed Paper Cup Company into the stratosphere and beyond.


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