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The Power of In-flight Branding with Paper Cups

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If you own a business then you must surely know what a struggle it is to engage new customers into purchasing your products or services. You must always be on the lookout for new, innovative ways to promote your business. In-flight advertising is one of the best ways to get your brand to reach new heights. Literally.

In-flight advertising creates a rather rare opportunity for connecting with your target audience in a somewhat unconventional but highly effective way. And the best way to do it is by using paper cups. And we’re here to tell you why in-flight paper cup advertising really works:

Can Captivate Your Audience

With other types of advertising, you can fail because your target audience has the option of simply turning their backs to your efforts. By choosing to advertise in-flight, you avoid this downside because passengers can’t simply get off their seats and walk away. They need to remain seated, highly conscious of what’s going on around them. Imagine this – millions of passengers having nothing to look at except for the paper cup branded with your business. If you’re like any other person out there, you will examine that paper cup yourself and maybe even do a bit a research to find out more about the company. And this is how you engage your future customers.

Ensures a Global Reach

With an annual traffic of over 13 million passengers, there’s no limit to where your brand can travel. Using in-flight paper cup advertising, you will not only reach local passenger but you can also go beyond the borders of your country and widen your target audience. This way, both domestic and international travelers willing to spend some money either during or after the journey will take an interest in your products or services.

Widens the Target Group

With other types of marketing, we tend to focus on a specific target group based on the buyers’ age, sex, location, and other filters of this kind. With in-flight advertising, you get to widen that target group, engaging people you may have wrongfully not included in your target group the first time. They can be students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and so on. Widening your target audience may surprise you in an extremely pleasant way. You may come to realize more people than you think are genuinely interested in purchasing your products or services.

Why Is Using Paper Cups the Best Way to Advertise In-flight?

Before engaging in in-flight advertising, you should consider all the options available. There are many ways to take advantage of this method of advertising such as advertising on an in-flight magazine or branding on a boarding pass. But are they really effective? The answer is – no, they most likely won’t produce the expected results.

Let’s say you were to advertise in an in-flight magazine. Most passengers flip through the pages simply out of boredom. If they’re interested in reading about something, they will just ignore the ads. And the same goes for branding on a boarding pass.

A traveler will most likely not pay enough attention to other elements on their boarding pass; they’re only interested in their flight details. Which means the branded boarding pass will only be kept in a pocket or luggage and ultimately thrown away.

But, as discussed above, advertising on a paper cup is the most effective way to go about this. Your audience’s attention will be attracted by the product in front of them. And since they need to stay hydrated throughout the flight, the branded paper cup will always be that little something they’ll study all the way through their destination.

Knowing all this and the many sales and marketing benefits of using paper cups to advertise during a flight, there's no reason not to give in-flight advertising a try.