Takeaway Food is Now the Key Growth Catalyst of Paperboard Industry

Scyphus is all about paperboard. Just the way a great cup of coffee usually begins with a good coffee plant, a superb coffee cup requires the appropriate paperboard. Over the past decades, Leslie Carr has traveled across Europe, Far East and other parts of the world in search of the best paperboard source. Leslie has an extensive experience when it comes to paperboard and this has been enriched further after the latest ripple in compostable paper cups.

After multiple years of traveling across Europe and the Far East in search of the top PEFC or FSC paper mills that are accredited, Leslie Carr, the director of branded paper cups settled at Northampton Factory for quite some time as he looked after the production and the type of machinery used. In 2016, Leslie finally took notice of the increasing demand of the compostable paper-cups and he once again packed his bags and traveled all over Europe to search for the best Bio Boards suppler and he found the BioBoard ™.
Given the ever-growing paper cups demand in the rapidly growing fast-food industry and the constant change in demand for better-printed paper-cups, Scyphus’ entire team is very serious about what it offers and its major focus is to go from better to best. Leslie Carr writes here about the paperboard and the paper–packing market and how the increasing demand in the fast-food is escalating growth in this industry as well.

Research report that was published by Research and Markets indicates that the increasing need for packaged goods in addition to the skyrocketing demand for takeaway beverages and foods has led to the demand for paper and also paperboard products. By 2017, this market had reached a value of about $482 billion and as per forecasts, this is expected to reach $523 billion by the year 29022.

The Increasing Demand for Takeaway Beverages and Food is causing Upheavals

Food and Beverage industry is unrelenting when it comes to innovation. On top of the list of consumer demands is take away options which have been heavily strengthened by the demanding pace of life plus constrained timeframe available for taking on-spot lunch at restaurants and food outlets. For instance, research studies conducted by the University of Westminster show that the average lunchtime in United Kingdom is about 15 minutes. Also, over 25 million Britons are skipping breakfast because they are always in a hurry.

The way the number of consumers who are constantly on-the-go keeps increasing is forcing the dynamics of food and beverage industry all over the world to be revamped. Business models that have already established themselves have been forced change their strategies in order to stay afloat in the market. Nonetheless, the upturn in consumer behavior is being considered by multiple businesses as an amazing opportunity for innovation and expansion. The marketing techniques are being adjusted and different factors analyzed and modified in order to generate the necessary competitive benefits over other competitors. Multiple businesses are expanding their understanding of the highly demanding and constantly evolving consumer segment so that they can be able to take an advantage of the latest trend.

The Fertile Market of Paper-Board Manufacturing

Direct Players in food and beverage industry aren’t the only ones who are feeling the impact of this wave but also indirectly related companies like the ones in paper & paperboard manufacturing. Research carried out recently indicates that the increasing need for packaged food and items in addition to factors like emerging market growth and rising population is creating a strong and positive effect on the whole paper and paperboard market. That is to say, the growing demand for takeaway food and beverages by consumers is causing food outlets to sustain the same. Because of this, the growing need for takeaway beverages and food has proved to be also supportive of paper and the paperboard industry.
This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 1.7 percent and as of 2017, the paper manufacturing market was the biggest beneficiary enjoying a market share of 57 percent. The paper-board manufacturing industry is poised to enjoy a growth estimate with a CAGR of about 2.6 percent. The markets that are leading worldwide are Asia-Pacific, North America, and Western Europe. China currently holds the biggest market share when it comes to value in paper and the paperboard market.

Growth of Digital Consumer is improving the Paper Industry

Digitization is a powerful tool for any innovative business that is ready for new opportunities and wants to make the most of the available chances, segmenting into different needs of consumers and coming up with innovative solutions to meet the demands. Currently, digitization is disrupting the food and beverage industry as the digital demands by consumers keeps rising. In order to effectively maximize consumer engagement and satisfaction, most companies are providing various online channels in the world that is socially-networked. Many brands are exploiting opportunities that are technology-driven in order to engage and connect with clients.

Chain restaurants are incorporating and innovating online channels so that they can keep and maintain leading positions. Furthermore, different sales and marketing strategies are being devised to cater for the ever-growing customer base through takeaway and home delivery options. The soaring demands of fast food and beverage require proper hygiene and this requires the use of high-quality packaging.

High Demand for Sustainably-Sourced Paper

When it comes to their own health as well as that of the planet, consumers have become more conscious than ever and they are now selective of what they are buying and the quality of the package used. To ensure that this demand is met, brands and companies are being encouraged to utilize strategies and products that are eco-friendly. Proper Packaging plays a vital role for a society that wants to be resource-efficient. Food containers that are disposable offer the most lightweight and convenient packaging when it comes to delivery of food items.

Currently, organizations and governments are advocating for initiatives that are sustainable with greater focus on waste management and environmental protection. Tough laws and regulations have been implemented and a lot of food and beverage businesses in addition to those that are in related industries are now adapting to customized packaging solutions. It’s this new shift that has caused the increasing need for compostable and biodegradable paper that has led to the corresponding manufacture of containers and cups.


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