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Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn Boxes

Branded Paper Popcorn Boxes for Events and Parties

Popcorn boxes are a popular choice for events, seminars & exhibitions,  as they can be branded with your logo and are ideal as a marketing tool, we have 4 standard sizes, but other sizes are available if required.

Popcorn box act as a mini billboard that your clients can carry around with them advertising your company, and at the same time enjoying that much loved popcorn treat.

They can also be used for savoury snacks or any small dry food product, popcorn boxes are quickly replacing takeaway containers where the food is light, dry and not super hot, and chances of spilling is low.



Full colour Printed High Quality Popcorn Boxes.
Food Safe Inks used.
Can be custom printed up to eight colors.
Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene(PE) lamination.
Minimum 300 gsm paper boards used.
Virtually unlimited design choices.
provide your own design or we design for you.

Contact us for custom Popcorn Box sizes, we offer 4 standard sizes viz 10 oz,20 oz,40 oz and 80 oz, should you require bespoke sizes, we will be happy to quote you for this also.

Our bespoke popcorn boxes are environment friendly, recyclable and 100% biodegradable.


A bespoke Popcorn Box is the perfect space for promoting your brand, get your brand logo and a nice design to wrap around our prestine white and flat surfaces of the popcorn box and you have a walking billboard for you.

The PE coating and the thick high quality board used in our popcorn boxes  provides wonderful insulation but for higher heat insulation if you're serving piping hot drinks, you would possibly need cup sleeves or select Double Wall Cups.

Popcorn Boxes are light, easy to stack, store and use, are made of high quality board paper suitable for high quality print and are non-toxic and food grade.


Popcorn box already as the name suggest are best used to serve popcorns and popcorns only, or anything that is as light and soft and dry as popcorns.