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Double Wall Paper Cups

Double Wall Paper Cups

Hot Cups, Coffee Cups, Branded Coffee Cups

Double Wall Paper Cups are perfect for all piping hot and cold drinks without ice.

Double Wall Paper Cups are arguably the most important development that ever occurred in the paper cup industry.

Double wall insulated Hot Cups use an additional paper layer on the surface of a heavy weight paperboard cup for extra insulation on top of the poly coated base cup.

The air gap between the two layers increase the insulation, working like the vacuum between two glass layers in a thermos flask.

Our bespoke Double wall paper cups are offered in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz volumes. Double wall takeaway cups are considered to be more customer friendly than their single walled counterparts with sleeves and are thus more suitable to you if you care for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Since double wall paper cups provide a high insulation against hot liquids, they are an obvious choice for serving hot cofee drinks.

Our bespoke double wall takeaway cups offer the same visible space where you can print your brand image and make an impression.

Sip through lids are offered for this product.


Full colour Print.
Food Safe Inks.
Can be custom printed up to eight colors.
Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene(PE) lamination.
Minimum 300 gsm boards used.
Unlimited design choices.
Provide your own design or we design for you.
Minimum order 1000 cups


Our Bespoke Double Wall Cups give a superb space for promoting your brand at the fraction of the cost of conventional advertisements.

Our bespoke printed takeaway cups are environment friendly, recyclable and 99% biodegradable.


Double Wall Paper Cups are best suited when serving piping hot coffee and different beverages like caffe latte, Cappuccino, chocolate, Espresso, Tea, Mocha, Soup.


Check cup dimensions and container specifications here.

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