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Popcorn Boxes have now gone beyond movie theatres

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Popcorn boxes have now gone beyond movie theatres, they are now the hot favourite dry food sampling container option for food retailers, event managers and cafe owners alike.
Popcorn Boxes are not a passing fad, several reasons behind this rising stars immense popularity is its light weight, easy to store as flat sheets, and ease of use for both customer and deliverer alike.

They have gained so much popularity over the cylindrical popcorn bucket that we do not remember when was it last people were ordering buckets for popcorn popcorn buckets are still in demand but for other dry food stuff like chicken fries and nuggets and similar food. For popcorn, the popcorn boxes are what people are looking for.

These popcorn boxes are made of paper board foldable shapes that when folded and pushed along the edges, take the shape of a box, a temporary box that can hold lightweight food stuff like popcorn easily and are easier to manage, carry and deliver pop corns in, being very easy to fold and light weight which does a much better job than it's predecessors.

The popcorn flat to folded box comes in all available colour prints and are food safe and food grade like all our products and are a wonderful and fast solution for events like private or limited shows at theatres or for open air events.

We find the most use as expressed by clients to be in sampling of foods at events, we mainly sell these for exibition stands where people come onto the stand for coffee and popcorn, they hire a machine and we make the popcorn boxes, and the demand is also growing for supplying popcorn boxes for limited attendance shows and events too. These popcorm boxes will soon replace the tub forever.

Note: If you are scratching your scalp and wondering how to set up and manage a quick coffee and popcorn attraction at your exhibition stall, do not worry further, get in touch with us and we can set you up with all the required bells and whistles, we can arrange for you the entire set up of coffee machines, popcorn trollies, popcorn machines and coffee machines to get you up and going.