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Paper cups with plant seeds embedded in them can be the ultimate solution to giving back what we take from nature.

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Paper cups with plant seeds embedded in them can be the ultimate solution to giving back what we take from nature. Each disposed cup becomes a potential plant instead of just filling up landfills.

Coffee, one of the top rated beverages, will be having a twist with its cup now. While millions of coffee addicts all over the world love to drink or carry coffee with them in disposable or non-disposable paper cups, this also means millions of paper cups hits the trash can every day. Creative Eco-friendly waste recycling company “Reduce. Reuse. Grow." came up with the innovative idea of seed embedded paper cups where it will not only serve as “just a cup” but is also biodegradable and added to the fact that they will add greenery back to your neighborhood.

The seed embedded coffee cup concept may seem very easy to understand and hard to implement, but designer Alex Henige has got it all figured and ready to deploy .

So, how do the plantable paper cups work?

The seeds are contained in the inner lining of the growable paper cups. These are heat proof and can contain the heat of the coffee before they can do any significant damage to the seeds which will hamper in the germination process. Moreover, seeds are never in direct contact to the coffee, or it’s heat. Also, not all plant species are chosen, but a select few natives are part of the experiment as of now. Seeds are selected according to hardiness and durability. This project named “World’s first plantable coffee cup” which was launched in 7th January 2015 has successfully raised $21,077.

While you buy a simple coffee and sip it, you will either throw the cup to a trash or if you want, you can plant it in your own backyard. These growable paper cups come with instruction on how to plant them, just on the bottom of the cup. If you really want to grow it, all you have to do is:

1) Unravel the growable paper cup.

2) Soak it in water for 5 minutes.

3) Plant it in the appropriate location where you want greenery.

4) Watch it grow.


The Eco-friendly paper cups has its own pros and cons:


The pros:

Growable paper cups are mostly about pros:

1) These paper cups are biodegradable.

2) A growable paper cup adds greenery to the environment.

3) It’s fun watching you coffee cup grow to a tree or shrub.

4) Only affects the environment in a positive way.

5) Growable paper cups do not go through the industrial process of post-recycling hence its energy directly goes back to nature.


The cons:

1) Development and outreach of growable paper cups.

2) Will it be cost effective or “easier” to implement the growable paper cups?

3) Will it be sustainable in the long run given the fact that post processing of this recyclable item is not needed.

4) Will growable paper cups or in fact any growable items pose a danger of unwanted weed/species’ if by any chance it ends up somewhere where it is not wanted?

5) Will these paper cups pose any health risk to any children or pets?

The cons are just in need of time to fade away when future will answer the questions in full.


Is “growable paper cups” a solution to global warming?

This is a debatable topic but as of now this concept of growable paper cups is looking very promising in its own. We all know plants contribute to the most important element of life- oxygen (o2) . Greenery is on a sharp decrease and every factor to add greenery to the environment is considered important. These paper cups might not look or sound much but behind the concept is a true effort at making the world a greener place. Rise in co2( Carbon-Di-Oxide) levels in the environment is a major factor in global warming and the growable paper cups adds more plants helping in converting more co2 to o2 and thus helping in. While the growable paper cups in particular may not do much but these recent years have seen a huge increase in growable items which may actually help the environment if they are recognized in a global scale.

Growable items are in hot increase in recent years and will keep on increasing. From grow able boxes, to “pencil with seed”, to growable paper cups and we hope to see more grow able items soon. They not only add to the fact that they are biodegradable but also that they actually restore a very small portion of nature around us. The conceptualization, realization and backing up of the project of growable paper cups is indeed a sign that there’s more to come in recent future.

Are these advanced paper cups be limited to coffee only? As the apparent answer to the question is “No”, what else can these paper cups be used for? If it can be used for coffee, growable paper cups can also find its usage in any industry where hot beverage is served for example: Tea? Hot-Sake? Maybe cold beverages too like sodas and beer will come in growable paper cups in future. A lot many concepts can stem from this single grow able coffee cup idea which will indeed be promising for mankind’s brighter and greener future.

“Growable paper cups” is not only a clever concept but a great way to give back to the environment. If the rise in biodegradable items be considered as a first step in conservation, this may well be a great and almost perfect follow up to it. Growable paper cups not only secures the fact that greenery gets restored but also actively lets a person’s subconscious know that even if they throw these paper cups away it may restore a piece of nature. These growable paper cups and the concept is higher in value to all nature lovers and environmentalists. That too mixed with the “coffee” factor tells us that for this, success is only a few steps away. Looking at million growable paper cups thrown away every single day is a million plants growing – it cannot get better than this. The added benefits of using these kinds of items on daily basis is not only worth it environment wise, but also opens up space for a lot of creative thinking for reconstruction and remodeling with a green thumb. With grow able items on the rise, we can surely look forward to more growable concepts hitting the market soon.