Nepal Humanitarian Crisis Caused By Earthquake


Nepal, worst disasters

For the past three weeks Nepali’s have faced the worst disasters thinkable to mankind, on 25 April three weeks ago an Earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck Nepal, killing thousands of Nepali’s and some foreigners.

The quake triggered waves of destruction. Three weeks later, even before people could come into terms with what had happen, another powerful quake struck Nepal again. A 7.3 magnitude earthquake with it’s epicenter under a remote area bordering china shook the already devastated Nepal again. In between the two major quakes, there had been scores of smaller after shocks that have already left the Nepali people into a permanent state of shock and paranoia, and this major second tremor/after shock was too much for the hapless people, and resulted in some more deaths.

The second quake killed 65 Nepali’s and another 17 citizens of China and India. The second major tremor is still being debated whether it is a new earthquake or an aftershock, most experts concur that when a major earthquake occurs along a major fault line, the stress released affects other faults, which are usually numerous near an active tectonic region like this, where the Indian plate meets the Asian plate, and after shoks and fresh earthquakes can continue for weeks, months and even over a year.

Unfortunately just before this second tremor, many people who were camping in open fields had returned to living in some of the apparently safer buildings that withstood the first earthquake and many of those buildings collapsed in this second major tremor. 

Among other casualties was a US helicopter carrying six U.S marines and Nepali’s, which was reported missing shortly after the second quake. This Copter was involved in a rescue mission and it is being reported that 8 deas bodies were recovered from a crashed copter.

The destruction caused by the two earthquake was enormous and if it was not for international community stepping in to help Nepal, the government could have been overstretched and casualties could be more now. The roads were rendered impassable by landslides. Other essential amenities such as water and power where greatly affected.

Hospitals have already overstretched their capacity within a few hours and there were dead bodies lined up in the open since the morgues were overflowing as rescue operations began. The healthcare infrastructure could not handle more than 19000 wounded people. In fact many of the hospitals were destroyed by the quake already. Thanks to the helping nations who sent medics and medical supplies immediately to bridge the gaping gap between demand and supply.

The earthquake triggered avalanche in Mt Everest. Many mountaineers who were at the Everest Base Camp went missing and reported death toll at the base camp is 17 foreign nationals. The avalanche destroyed the camp and all possible routes of reaching the base camp by foot. Rescuing the remaining mountaineers was a challenge in itself since only small helicopters can go through the mountain. After the second earthquake strike all activities at the mountain were suspended until situation is cleared.

Humanitarian response

When the news of Nepal’s earthquake was announced many governments around the world, international aid organization, private companies and individuals brought to Nepal much needed aid in form of blankets, food, water, medical supplies, tents and experts to assist in search and rescue mission. Here are some of the countries that pledged aid to Nepal;
United Nations released 15 million dollars from its emergency relief fund. To help the survivors of the Nepal devastating quake. Although later United Nation resident representative complained that relief have not been moved to the victims from Kathmandu airport were its has been for sometime. This is caused by few number of trucks to deliver them into rural areas, and when trucks where found the road was a nightmare to the drivers.

Tech companies also contributed by developing apps. Facebook developed an app called “safety check” were one had to click okay for their friends and relatives to now they are alright. On top of this Facebook promised every dollar than will be donated to Nepal earthquake victims with another dollar.

While the search engine Google introduced Nepal to its tool called “person finder”. It enable any one to search or post in details of the missing person. This app was developed during Haiti earthquake disaster. Many communication companies waived calls charges in Nepal so as to enable loved ones locate each other.

Drones deployed to affected areas are being used to assess situation, especially in those places that are inaccessible.Waterloo managed to deploy three unmanned drones to provide aerial support to the organization that were providing relief.
Of money payment providers such as Paypal, Apple also slashed their fees and provided avenues where its members could donate towards Nepal disaster.

The response from Nepal’s worried neighbours

The Indian government agreed to provide goodwill visa to all people stranded in Nepal. Indian military were the first group of rescuers to arrive to Nepal to help in search and rescue mission. Through its special operation called “maitiri” consist of India army force were involved also in transportation of relief food that had been delivered through India.

Bangladesh, another neighbour, managed to send an aircraft with 10 tonnes of relief food, tents, water and blankets.

The Chinese Government helped by sending personnel and special trained dogs to help in rescue mission. Tents, generators and others electronic equipment needed in the mission were supplied by china, they also promised to provide 3.3 million dollars.

Pakistan managed to sent some medics and medical supplies.

From the Middle East , the UAE actively involved in providing humanitarian support in Nepal by contributing resources and personnel.  Israel provided medics and medical supplies, they were also involved in rescue mission. It believed that Israelis visit Nepal in large numbers. Many other Middle Eastern and African countries such as Saudia Arabia and Egypt contributed too.

In Europe, UK pledged 7.6 million dollars, Norway donated 3.9 million dollars, Germany and France pledge to contribute some cash and expert personnel to assist in rescue mission. European commission pledges to donate 3.3 million on top of what its members have contributed.

USA has been heavily involved in the rescue and process of rehabilitating Nepal’s distressed population, they contributed some helicopters which were used to deliver relief supplies to the people who were not accessible by road.

Not to forget individuals who donated million of dollars through different platform, people contributed from a dollar to thousands, whatever they could, to help Nepal face it’s most devastating catastrophe of the century.

The future of Nepal after the earthquake

The economy of this landlocked mountainous country is in shambles, it will take many years for her to recover from the effect of this earthquake. Japan and Haiti have not recovered from the same disaster that struck them few years ago. Its only in 2006 that Nepal ended their civil war and their economy was showing some signs of recovery. Its the duty of international institution such as Asian development bank, world bank and IMF to provide some guidance on the policies that will help them recover. tourism one of the sector that Nepal depend most will most affected. But if all international government and non government will come together to assist Nepal stand on his feet again like they did during the time of earthquake disaster Nepal will be recovering very fast.


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