Myths About Biodegradable Paper Cups

Printed Paper Cups - Biodegradable Paper CupsWhen you want a good marketing tool, printed paper cups are quickly moving their way up because it is similar to having a walking billboard. In addition, they are better alternatives to plastic cups. However, there are misconceptions and myths about them that most people believe which should be addressed.  Paper cups have become part of everyday life, but even if that is the case, it seems like the environmental effect of this is not yet fully embraced by today’s culture. This is kind of sad because convenience stores are adding a high-margin beverage program, especially with hot drinks. Paper cups are one of the best ways for a company to communicate their marketing ways. Cups represent your company, you can use them for promotions, and they help in the improvement of customer experience. With the invention of biodegradable paper cups, companies that use them are able to attract more people to buy their product.

What Biodegradable Means

Biodegradable means a product is going to break down through time because of microbes, sunlight, oxygen, water, and then it will go back to where it came from. Anything that is made from natural materials will go through this process, but objects that are man-made will normally make them incapable of being broken down because of how they were created. They become non-biodegradable and archeologists will dig them up and use it to define them for centuries.

You may think that everything biodegradable is environmentally friendly or green. That is not entirely true because some of the soaps, shampoos, and cleaners produced today contain chemicals that will remain in the atmosphere for centuries.

Myth #1 All Single-Use Cups Cause Landfills a Lot of Burden

Truth: All packaging used by the food service industry, which is both plastic and paper, is only about 1.4% of municipal solid waste (MSW) that are discarded in landfills. In general, these single-use cups is plastic or paper, and could be a combination of both. They each impact the environment differently. While local governments are still regulating polystyrene foam from some foam markets, the businesses that depend on foam cups should start thinking about their options by now.

Myth #2 Printed Cups are Non-Biodegradable

This is wrong and a generalized statement. If you have an understanding of paper cups, you are aware that they vary and this is a myth. Paper cups are coated with PE or BLA. That layer is the one that determines whether these paper cups are biodegradable or not. BLA is an organic plastic made from corn starch, and it decomposes quickly. This is now a more popular material in producing paper cups. The ones that have a polyurethane (PE) coating are non-biodegradable because PE decomposes only after many years because it is ordinary plastic.

Myth #3 Recycling Facilities Do Not Accept Paper Cups

There are more customers now that is able to recycle paper cups in residential or programs for recycling. A couple of big municipalities are now accepting paper cups in their recycling facilities. Generally, paper is the most recyclable resource in the world. Based on percentage, there is more paper recycled compared to glass, together with cans and plastic. Actually, majority of the world can access paper and paperboard recycling. In addition, most of the packaging that uses paper and paperboard had already recovered from the past years according to reports.

Myth #4 Printed Paper Cups are Expensive

Actually, paper cups have a lot more advantages compared to other packaging materials. Even if plastic is inexpensive, it has more bad effects to the human health and even to the environment. Come to think of it, paper cups can make them seem expensive, but they are not and they serve their purpose well. They are also good marketing tools. Wood, porcelain, and glass are a lot more expensive compared to paper cups. However, paper cups get more attention and price criticism. However, the attention that paper cups get become an advantage for coffee shop owners.

Myth #5 The Plastic Lining of Paper Cups Make Them Unrecyclable

It is a reality that every cup is coated with plastic so they can prevent leaks, but that does not make them unrecyclable. Coated products made of paper can be recycled because there are already paper mills that can process recycled materials and they become new products. After they remove the plastic, the valuable fiber is left.

As the years went by, there is already an increase in paper and paperboard recycling, which means communities that have this collection adds a new kind of paper. However, since recycling paper cups is not yet popular, it is wise to check with a local recycling facility the kind of waste they accept.

Myth #6 Consumers Only Look at the Price and Quality of the Beverage

A lot of beverage sellers have a misconception of what customers need. There are times when they fail to see what their customers need. Today, customers already have more needs than before, and only attentive brands are able to see them. The experience of customers is important and personalized service determines the brand success. Green products have become more popular and brands that are eco-friendly generate more sales, just like their rivals. Today, the success of a business is not so much on efficiency and focus more on satisfaction.

Myth #7 It is Impossible to Ask Customers to RecycleTheir Beverage Cups

Depending on where you are, paper cups are possible to be recycled in homes, public recycling bins, and stores. If you have a store, you can try implementing recycling program in your store. If you live in a community that recycles paper cups, make sure to tell your customers about it by posting it on social media or putting a signage in your store.

These are the myths about recyclable paper cups and it is important for the society to know that they are wrong. In addition, it will help them have a better understanding of recyclable paper cups.


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