Getting Crafty With Paper Cups

Paper Cup Maracas
Are the kids bored? Here’s a great way to keep them occupied AND teach them about recycling!

Paper Cup Maracas

What kid doesn’t like to make some noise? These paper cup maracas are easy to make, fun to decorate and will keep them busy for hours. Great for parades, sporting events or festive occasions!

What You Need:

– 2 small paper cups

– Dry rice, cereal or beans, or small bells or pebbles

– Crepe paper

– Acrylic paint

– Paint brush

– Glue gun

– Glue stick

– Masking tape

– Scissors

What To Do:

1. Make sure your two paper cups are clean and dry, and that they’re the same size as each other.

2. Take one paper cup and fill to halfway with the rice/beans/bells/pebbles. You may like to experiment by trying out different materials to see what sounds they make!

3. This is where an adult will have to help out. Join the two paper cups together as shown in the picture, and glue them together along the rim. Keep them in this position until the glue holds.

4. When the glue is dry, it’s a good idea to tape the cups together as well. This will make the maraca nice and strong.

5. Time to get arty! You can start by painting the cups with white acrylic paint and letting it dry before adding more decorations. White paint makes a base coat and makes colours stand out.

6. Make your maracas stand out with different patterns and colours. Spots, stripes, stickers, glitter – it’s up to you!

7. Once your decorations are dry, it’s time for the final step. Cut the crepe paper into strips and glue the strips to the top and bottom of the maracas.

8. Voila! Time to make some noise with your new maracas!


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