Ever thought of turning your regular coffee shop into a singles cafe where young people could flock?

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Shopping centers are on a downward spiral when you look at the decline in shoppers actually visiting stores. Most shoppers are choosing the more comfortable and convenient shopping portals online to go on a shopping spree or just to do their monthly shopping. Nowadays you can purchase anything online and have it delivered to your house either the same day or the following day. When I say anything, I refer to absolutely anything, groceries, clothing, toiletries and even household appliances.


Eateries and coffee shops are seriously affected by this decline. They situated themselves in these centers for the very purpose of catching the attention and patronage of the wary shoppers. With this now on the downward spiral, they are losing out tremendously with less patronage but still the astronomical rentals to pay.


Coffee shops really need to come up with some other marketing strategies to draw their clientele back. They need to stop focusing on drawing in wary shoppers who are straddling in numbers and try to create an environment where people actually want to leave the comfort of their warm, safe homes and venture out to mingle with like-minded individuals.


Coffee shops need to explore what is hip and happening and make sure they keep up with the trends and fashions of the times.


Coffee Shop Marketing Plans

Waiting time at a cafe becomes more of an advertisement slot for you, use Printed Paper Cups and Branded Ceramics to that effect

A coffee shop is a perfect location to house an internet cafe as well as offer wifi services to those who want to bring their own laptops. Sometimes getting out of the house is just what some freelancers or home workers need to keep their minds active. A break from the office to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee and perhaps a muffin is a healthy alternative to the usual fast food joints. Changing environments, even if only for an hour is enough to give you that boost of energy you need. The best part about an internet cafe or the even better facilities of wifi allow you to keep in check with what is happening in the office even if you are not there. You never have to worry about missing out on an important email.


Coffee shops with these added specialties are the perfect place for like minded business people to share ideas and talk about current affairs. It doesn’t really matter what you talk about as long as there is a common ground, friends are there to be made. You never know your next great business deal could be signed over that warm, creamy cup of java. An internet or wifi coffee shop is a great place to make business contacts. A great idea would be to have a pin board where everybody can attach their own business card for easy reference for anybody needing a particular service or product. No more rushing around or searching, visit the local java hut and to get all the quality information you could possibly need and you can do this while grabbing a steaming cup of that fantastic chicory taste.


With this kind of coffee shop in mind, where business individuals are catered for, advertising and marketing must be done to draw the crowds in. Perhaps a once a month presentation on subjects or products that are used by these individual every day. Show off the latest gadgets on the market even offer books for business minded individuals. Once you have a fantastic, regular crowd, word of mouth is the best way to get your business booming.


Another very good idea for a coffee shop is to target the singles market. There are so many singles out there who are looking for their perfect partner but really do not want to frequent bars and nightclubs to get it right. Coffee shops offer a relaxed environment where singles will actually be able to talk to each other without having to scream over very loud music. You don’t have to worry about individuals who have had far too much to drink, inappropriately grabbing at you. Go out to the coffee shop in a group and mingle with all the other singles while casually having a bite to eat and enjoying the friendly banter.


Singles coffee shops could hold evening where you get to meet a number of singles within a short period of time. Perhaps 50 singles all with preset questions for the person they are going to meet. Each person has 10 minutes to talk each other and get their questions answered. Swapping every 10 minutes keeps the evening exciting and entertaining and could really end up being quite a good laugh. After all the “meetings” are done, you will be able to access who has the same hobbies or interests as you and who you would actually enjoy spending more time with. This would cut out so many unnecessary bad first dates and I am sure that in itself would be a draw card of note for any single who has experienced a bad first date. Chat a little more to that person while enjoying some refreshments and see where the road leads.


Books and newspapers, two of the most enjoyed items on Earth. A bookstore within a coffee house is an amazing idea to attract all walks of life. Holding weekly readings by authors or actual meet and greets with authors is a fantastic idea to get your target customers into your store. Poetry readings or recitals by budding poets is another fantastic idea to get the creative juices flowing. Enjoy your snacks and coffee while discussing your favorite book.

A children’s reading area is a wonderful idea. Families can attend the bookstore and the kids are kept busy in their own little fantasy land.


There are so many coffee shop marketing plans if coffee shop owners just expand their horizons and broaden their target area. A coffee shop no longer just needs to be a coffee shop. There are so many marketing tools that can be used to promote your coffee shop idea. Printed paper cups for your coffees, printed t-shirts for the staff, banners, and posters proclaiming your wonderful events to the world.


Sit back, enjoy the coffee aroma and let your imagination run will with plans for your coffee shop and see the sales boom.


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