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Sponsoring Mercy Ship

Help Mercy Ship in providing free healthcare to the poor

Scyphus sponsors Mercy Ship. Ocean vessels providing health care and free accessible surgery and medicines to the poor in port areas around the world.

the Mercy Ships fleet and land teams have served in more than 50 developing countries.

What is Mercy Ship

Mercy Ships is an international faith-based organisation with a mission to increase access to health care throughout the world.

Mercy Ship runs the world's largest Hospital Ships, the largest being Africa Mercy.

Now next question you might ask, why ships?

Ships because 75% of the World's population lives within 100 miles of major port cities.

Ships because, nothing could be as effectively controlled, isolated and maintained as a sanitized world class hospital with access to fresh water and civic amenities, basic facilities that are often unavailable or are critically ailing in many poor or developing nations.

How good are the Ships?

The largest, the Africa Mercy has

  • 5 world class operating theatres
  • Wards with beds for up to 100 patients
  • X Ray facilities, CT scanner and laboratory
  • An International School (for crew members children), a library and even a Starbucks
  • Home to around 450+ international crew of incredible medical and non medical volunteers
  • Converted Danish rail ferry
  • Docks in each country for approx. 10 months at a time
  • Currently sailing to Madagascar where she will serve from October 2014 June 2015

What are we doing?

Scyphus has pledged its sponsorship to Mercy Ships and are organizing fund raising events too, and we request you to donate to Mercy Ships too, every pound donated saves a life and brings a smile to a face that would have otherwise languished in pain from some otherwise curable disease.