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Christmas greetings and a Happy New Year ahead to all from Branded Paper Cups

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The Christmas season is here, a time to stuff yourself and add a few inches to your frame. Most importantly, this is a time to celebrate one of the biggest holidays of the year worldwide. If you've been a good champ, rest assured that big bloke santa will make a stop to your house. If you don't find gifts under your tree, just know that the chubby daddy couldn't slide down your chimney. Forgive the old bloke and recommend a gym as a gift to him instead.

Christmas time is most importantly a chance to appreciate the people who have made your year a delight. It may be your family, your colleagues, your friends, your neighbors or even your boss. To us, the appreciation goes out to our loyal customers and acquaintances. It is because of you that our year was a success and we hope that yours was too. Cheers!

As this year comes to an end, we sincerely hope that you wrap it up with smiles on your faces. There might be some blinding moments on your mind but evidently, that didn't deter you from making it. To most people, the end of the year celebrations is a chance to spoil themselves. The big question is do you deserve it? We at branded paper cups believe that all of you mates do. Well, only if you did business with us. Anyone who throws business our way deserves the world and the moon as a bonus. Those who haven't are still highly appreciated as it is just a matter of time before they walk through our doors and experience our greatness.

Oi, did your year 2015's resolution work out? Probably didn't. We just know. Worry not, a brand new chance awaits you in a few days on new year. However, we have a piece of advice to everyone out there determined to make theirs work next time around. If you are going to string your resolution to weight loss, you might want to kick start that with a healthy diet. Tripping over yourself to grab any available opportunity for an 'all you can eat' offer will be a complete cock-up, don't you think? I, personally have been there and done that. The obvious extra inches around my waist tell it all.

To most of us hogs, Christmas is an opportunity to fill up. A well-displayed array of food on the dinner table is a real fancy. We know the same case applies to you but remember, actions have consequences. Going into a competition with yourself to fill up and ogle down every food sample will go all to pot when your jeans refuse to go up past the hips. We, at branded paper cups, will do our level best to watch out for this. Well, we'll try. However, it will be an absolute delight if someone gives us some gym recommendations.

There is a reason for this season. If you're not a Christian, someone should tell you that you are party crashers. Enjoying the benefits that only Christians should be entitled to but thank the heavens for our generous nature because we actually like it when you all celebrate with us. We, at Printed cups, invite you all to any celebration or party that we might throw. Especially you, freeloaders. Do not skive and remember to invite us for yours. God knows that most of you make scrummy meals. It would be absolutely hunky dory if you honored your friend's or neighbor's invite during this festive season. The more the merrier.

As you wine and dine in celebration of this great holiday, remember its true purpose which is to stretch a helping hand to the less fortunate. Choose to do share whatever you have with those who don't. It doesn't have to be a big thing, a few sandwiches and egg nog to your neighborhood's street child will be perfectly fine.

Most people prefer to ignore this, but it is somehow stringed to the reason for the season, giving. We've already covered giving to the less fortunate, but there's another giving that forces you to dig deeper into your pockets, gifts. You though that you've dodged the bullet, huh? Your loved ones expect a perfectly well thought of gift from you. Don't be a wanker and act like your presence in their lives is enough. It's not. Kids nowadays are materialistic and want the latest devices and gadgets. Kids who only want their parents and relatives happy for Christmas only exist in movies so get shopping and load up your cart mate.

It has been said time without number that Christmas is in your heart. The jolly mood and celebrations and decorations help to put us in the mood for celebration. If your heart is empty and bland, walk down the street and soak in all the decorations from your neighbors. Better still, put up some decorations in your house. It will bring some cheer your way.

We understand that your year has been full of activities and overwhelming with things to do but hey, Christmas guarantees a few days off to rest and basically fatten up. No matter how knackered you are from working long hours the entire year, remember that you deserve to break the drill and have some fun. If you get to work on Christmas day, we have nothing more to say to you than, sorry mate. You probably will get a chance to compensate the missed moments of fun during your vacation. By yourself. Oi, all fingers cannot be equal. Someone has to be the 'pinkie'.

Last but not least, we know that the festive season means food and drinks for most of you. Even the skinny ones that dodge a bullet by a whisker thanks to good genes. When throwing a party, consider using our attractive printed paper cups to serve your guests. If you are invited to a party, the least you can do is recommend our branded paper cups to the hosts. Nothing brings out the theme of the party than a customized paper cup that match up the decor and onto the utensils. Do not let your neighbors use their expensive glassware only to have them all broken by the alcohol guzzlers and kids. It would gut them really. Be the one with the intelligent idea. Printed paper cups.

When it's all said and done, we wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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