British company develops technology to recycle disposable coffee cups

Dispose Paper Cups ProperlyTechnology has done wonders and the world is moving from better to best. One of the remarkable technological advancements is the technology to recycle disposable coffee cups by James Cropper to make paper products of outstanding quality. This path breaking technology has been received warmly by many environmental lovers and all governments across the world.

Yesterday the world was crying about the effects of the disposable paper cups on the environment and the number of billions wasted each year. Today we have ground-breaking technology which has left everybody smiling. This technology may be doubted by many because nobody has ever thought of the possibility of recycling the cups. If you are among the doubting population then it is better to trust James Cropper now and give your thanks later. James copper has more to tell the world. Let’s hear what the company has prepared for us;

How this technology works

The technology used by James Cropper is very simple ad straight forward. It involves making the cup waste in a solution that has been warmed; preferably not such hot. The paper cups are coated with a plastic lining to make them durable and strong. This is the property that makes the cups non-biodegradable. The warm solution works to separate this plastic lining from the fiber that makes the cups.

After the plastic has been separated, it is pulverized and then recycled. This leaves only water and the pulp which are free from impurities. To make the bulb pure, the impurities are removed by the process of filtration. The impurity free pulp can be used to make very high quality paper bags and other luxurious carrying materials.

The main aim of recycling the paper cups is to make packaging materials which are more than a luxury to carry your goods in. the plastic lining has been contaminating the fiber but with the new technology by James copper, things have been made better now. The issue of pollution will be a thing of the past soon. The world needs to celebrate this latest amazing technology.

Why we need this technology

The welcome that this technology has received is worth. This is because the technology has promised not less than a million benefits. In this article I will highlight some of the benefits but given an opportunity I can write endless pages about this unique technology.

The need to protect the environment from pollution-typically, paper is biodegradable but unfortunately the disposable paper cups are not made of paper only. The cups have a polyethylene lining; a basic form of plastic. This means that they are not eco-friendly and if they are left into the ground, they will never degrade. Before the invention of this technology, these cups were not reusable. This meant that millions of trees were cut down to make new cups. This is the reason why it is rare to see the dense green forests.

To save the economy-a recent research has revealed that billions of money is wasted to landfill every year. Did you know that by recycling the paper cups the budget will move toward the right instead of being constant? In the UK, more than 5 billion paper cups are thrown away. What is the estimated number in the whole world? I give you the opportunity to estimate that by yourself.

To curb the rising trend of chemical leaching-according to research, a single coffee paper cup emits approximately 0.11 kilograms of carbon dioxide. This means that ecosystem degradation and the carbon absorption of the earth will be on a downward trend. This will spark a series of health hazards among the people of the world. Since the use of paper cup is unsustainable, the new technology of recycling coffee cups will save the world a great deal.

To develop packing materials from used paper cups. This means that the materials that were used to make carrying paper materials will be saved or used to make different items all together. The energy and money spent to make the cups will also be recovered by this recycling process.

About James cropper PLC

James cropper is Europe’s number one paper mill that manufactures paper of very high quality; both large scale and small scale. Perhaps you have used their packing materials once or twice in your life time. The company has been in operation since 1753 and since then, it has done great things. Her chairman mark Cropper has led this company to where it is today.

We cannot go without thanking James Cropper and its entire working fraternity for the time they have taken to come up with this revolutionary technology. Over the years the world has been struggling to curb the issues of deforestation and the use of paper cups. Cropper is also a major contributor towards the recycling of carbon fibre.

The dark side of this technology

Nothing can be credited by everybody. Although this technology is promising and amazing, not all people will receive it with two hands. The chances of getting critics are there but the effectiveness of this technology will certainly silence those critics. Personally, I have been thinking of coming up with one but James cropper has done it before me and other strugglers. Thumbs up for them!


Many people across the world have developed great affection for coffee and it is almost impossible to forego the habit; especially if you are a caffeine addict. The sad side of the story is that you must dispose off these coffee cups. This has contributed to the rising threats of pollution. With the development of this technology that recycles disposal coffee cups, the world will be in a better place soon.

These are the best days for this new technology but we don’t know how far it will go to save the world from the effects of paper cups. We are not certain whether it will go to greater (and rather unimaginable heights) as it has promised or it will die soon. Time will tell. Until that time, the world needs to stay calm and watch.


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