Branding your exhibition stall for exhibition success

To find exhibition success, there is one major consideration without which you are going to face many hurdles, you simply need to pick the right exhibition and the right area in the show corridor to setup your stall. Yes, getting an obscure space towards the fag end of the exhibition, or being hidden behind the major stalls installed along the major walkway wouldn’t cut.

But often you do not get to book those prime spots if you are a wee bit late in deciding on the exhibition to go for.  So either you get to book those prime spots or find a way out of obscurity.

The first solution to this problem is, plan early, as early as possible, so that you have ample time to study all possible exhibitions, read on the internet about them and gauge the trade enthusiasm and public foot fall, and then select the best or most suitable. If possible visit a few, learn more on how they are laid out, what important costs you must factor in, and what type of stall design works best.

What is your requirement ? pushing a new product? reaching out to the public? getting new leads?  Whatever your requirement is, a good study is what is needed to help you locate the best exhibition, the best possible stall space and the ideal stall design.

Select the most efficient Trade Show Exhibit Company for your stall and display design, it matters a great deal, the more accomplished and ingenious an organization is, the more it has experience setting up stalls at that particular exhibition, the better for you.

Go for a theme suited to your business and keeping in touch with trends, when it comes to display design, make this company show you more than just a few options and go for a grid layout, so that the design is fluid and easily modified if required, by moving around the design grids.

After you have zeroed in on the show go for the kill, do not delay it, there are too many contenders, book the stall, pay the fees, pay for any extra amenities that you need, engage the exhibit company into stall designing and get all printing done as soon as you can. You’d need posters, and stationary, and if you plan to install a coffee counter to elevate your status and engage visitors, get your printed paper cups designed, branded and printed and delivered as soon as you can.

Branding is important, of course when you are building a stall and display, you have a brand image to show, but that’s not just enough, start building brand awareness and presence in that exhibition much earlier, create a facebook page, start some competition if possible, run a small batch of Facebook advertisement to generate awareness about your product, so that some of the target audience might visit the show simply because you are there! Nothing better than that, isn’t it?

Last but not the least, you need to quickly plan on the merchandising, you can have a lot many things to give away, starting from pens to free parking pass on completing a simple game or answering a simple question, or very special discounts, but all of that you can give away when they come to you. If they come to you, and get benefits, they’ll remember your brand name. People remember faces and names of people they can benefit from.

To attract them to your stall, the best bet it free coffee, people are busy,  tired from walking and checking all stalls, and a good coffee is a welcome break, while for you its your biggest chance to spread your brand throughout the exhibition area.

Your cups in the hands of walking people or overflowing bins, yes, even in overflowing bins won’t have negative impact on your brand, people do not blame the cups for littering, they blame the people, remember the logo on the cups in their subconscious.

So yes, Brand the paper cups, branded paper cups travel with the visitor and in most cases would make other visitors curious too. It can turn out to be a great visitor magnet, and that is why coffee carts or coffee stalls with fashionably branded paper cups are so much in vogue.

Now that you are all set, get to the exhibition in time, if its outstation, select a good hotel and of course do not forget to select the perfect stall staff, a smiling warm and welcoming staff at the stall helps more than any other important points mentioned above.

To end this discussion, just remember that at times the stall design might end up not to the standard you desired, despite all efforts,for that undesirable day you need to know of other face saving alternatives that you can use judiciously, to cover the flaws, and decorative bunting flags for special events is one such option, that can save your day.


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We at scyphus solely obtain our papers for our printed paper cups, only from FSC and PEFC accreditec mills, these mills are accredited by responsible monitoring organisations like FSC and PEFC and thus can be assumed to be following all sustainable forestry practices that help us keep the planet green.

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