Branded Paper Cups: Getting High Quality and Why It’s Vital to Buy Domestically

Buying branded paper cups can sometimes be tricky. You’re looking to cut costs. And also get the best quality cups that can bring out the strengths of your business. Often, people make the mistake of buying cheap and low quality coffee cups from abroad.

Given branding is an image-building task; it’s vital to use high quality branded paper cups. But, quality coffee cups are mostly available in the domestic market. And that is one reason to buy domestically manufactured coffee cups.

Branding is an Image Building Task

Quality branded paper cups portray your brand as credible and responsible. As a responsible business, you should value customers, embrace quality and sustainability. To find paper cups that entail these qualities, you must take your time to check standards.

The aim is to brand on materials that show your stand on social issues such as unemployment. Unfortunately, buying abroad goes against the commitment to support domestic employment. It also eliminates your powers of confirming quality and sustainability.

With domestic companies, it becomes more comfortable to review, design and control quality. You’re also able to confirm manufacturing materials and policies. This allows you to limit your impact on the environment and buy coffee cups that bolster your brand.

Get Quality Guarantees

Globalisation forced most domestic companies to move to manufacture abroad. The result is a decline in British manufactures and an influx of cheap low-quality goods.

But there is hope. Many domestic manufacturers continue to uphold high-quality standards.

Also, British manufacturing embraces the highest standards during productions. Most manufacturers follow all the fundamental ISO rules. Furthermore, incorporation of advanced technologies and innovation helps to boost productivity and quality.

Not to forget all domestic manufacturers are easily accessible. No matter what product you’re buying, they are always ready to open their doors to quality audits. You can check all the manufacturing processes to confirm if you’re buying quality, sustainable and certified products.

Short Lead Times and Quick Customer Service

Brands that buy abroad lose their say on lead times and customer service. The time between ordering, and delivery can increase and there’s nothing much you can do about it. Longer lead times sometimes increase costs and lead to inefficiencies.

Lately, most businesses have discovered outsourcing from abroad brings more risks than advantages. Given the unpredictability of risks, some abroad manufacturers now consider domestic production.

Meanwhile, domestic manufacturers can control many risks. First, they can guarantee shorter lead times. And in case of custom orders, they can adapt to your needs without trouble. In the case of returns, replacements become more accessible and faster.

Supporting Sustainability

Apart from quality controls, domestic productions also ensure compliance with sustainability measures. Local manufacturers can responsibly monitor the usage of raw materials and adhere to expected regulations. For example, paper cup manufacturers must follow FSC and PEFC  guidelines to ensure use of sustainable wood.

Importing branded paper cups or any other product compromises sustainability. While the production itself adds to carbon emissions, transport worsens the impact. Being far from the market increases fuel consumption and the level of emissions.

Again, domestic production provides all avenues to enhance sustainability. It enables recycling of the manufacturing bio products and puts them into best use. Plus, when manufacturing costs shift to an entrepreneur, efficiency turns into a necessity.

Customers also become more empowered. They get the power to influence manufacturing responsibility through their spending. They are more likely to know domestic companies better. And that prompts manufacturers to adhere to industry standards.

Do it for Your Customers and Support UK Economy

Retail businesses enjoy the best positioning to encourage domestic production. They link to a bunch of customers and whatever they sell trickles down to the households. More, the benefit that awaits them is a customer eager to buy local.

Post Brexit, research from YouGov revealed customers want to buy domestic if the price is right. Most of the respondents said they would buy local to support the UK economy. Unfortunately, foreign low pricing remains to be a significant hindrance to domestic production. This is because some customers prefer cheaper foreign alternatives.

As seen, buying domestic products can help brands to attract customers. There’s enough demand. And if you consider the eco-conscious folks, the number continues to swell. Quality also remains a significant buying consideration despite the dominance of abroad products.

Creativity Thrives in the UK

Quality and creativity go hand in hand. When you want unique products, you’re likely to get them where people embrace creativity.

The UK is one nation that has thrived over the years because of immense creativity. It also continues to lead in the industries that call for the most invention.

Some of the best UK industries include advertising, design, film, fashion, technology and architecture. Most of these industries demand high levels of innovation, originality and collaboration.

Meaning, we have the skills and capabilities to become a first-class manufacturer. Rather than rely on abroad products, we need to look forward to global markets and expand our exports.

Create Domestic Employment

You can’t talk about “buying British” and not mention employment. Whether you’re buying domestic branded paper cups or sleeves, you’re helping the UK economy. And that action, yet small, supports the UK employment sector.

The UK manufacturing sector remains strong despite the rampant shift to abroad production. Latest statistics show it employs over 2.7 million people and contributes to 11% of GVA. But these stats are in stark contrast with when the sector accounted for 25% of the UK GDP back in 1948.

It means there’s more we can do to support the manufacturing sector and restore it. Buying British is the first step. Meanwhile, it could be the best time for abroad manufacturers to shift production.

Buy High Quality and Domestically Produced Products

Buying domestic products allows manufacturers to focus on quality and tames unfair competition. Besides, it’s a way to show your support for the UK economy and help your people to get employed.

Make It British can help you source authentic UK brands. For unique and high quality branded paper cups to take your business to another level kindly contact us.



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