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Single Wall Paper Cups

Single wall paper cups or cold cups have PE coating only on the inside of the cup, they're used as disposable coffee cups and cold drink cups or cold cups for cold drinks that don't contain ice. Bes...Read More

Double Wall Paper Cups

Double wall paper cups are single walled cups with an additional outer jacket, which provides a thermal barrier making them ideal for hot beverages like tea and coffee. Bespoke Double Wall Paper Cup...Read More

Ice Cream Cups

Ice Cream Cups or Ice Cream Pots are manufactured from a minimum 265 gsm paper board,these strong and moisture resistant cups are ideal for freezing, keeping your frozen dessert fresh and yet clear. ...Read More

Takeaway Containers

Takeaway containers are the most versatile of all paper cups, branded takeaway containers could be any size from 3oz small ice cream pots used as wax pots and massage cream pots in parlours to large 2...Read More

Paper Cup Sleeves

Paper Sleeves are required when you are serving a piping hot drink in a single wall hot cup. Cup sleeves wrap around your cup and provide insulation for a comfortable hold while you enjoy your drin...Read More

Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn boxes are one of our most popular products and are available in any custom size required. Popcorn boxes are the most sought after medium in popcorn delivery at events and in theaters.Read More

Sip Through Lids

Sip through lids for paper cups and PET cups are made of top quality PS materials and are strong, sturdy and long lasting. Sip Through Lids ae available in sizes, 80mm FOR 8oz and 90mm FOR 12oz/16...Read More

Transparent Dome Lids

Transparent Dome lids for Ice Cream Cups are made of top quality PE plastic and are strong and durable. Made of highest quality PE material, and made to fit perfectly with our range of cups. They ar...Read More


Coasters are a powerful method for retaining dampness and in addition a method for advertising.We produce stock coasters,highly customisable bespoke coasters in several varieties of disposable paper m...Read More


Bespoke printed paper napkins are an affordable and attractive approach to promote your business!Be it for dinner,party,restaurant,spa etc.we have a wide range of bespoke and stocked paper napkin opti...Read More

Biodegradable Paper Cups

Biodegradable Paper Cups or Compostable Paper Cups are 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable Paper Cups with Bio Polymer Lining. They replace your PE coated 100% Recyclable but not 100% Biodegradable PE L...Read More

Coupon Cups

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Biodegradable Paper Cups and Food Containers: When Buying Br...

Drinking coffee impacts the environment through carbon emissions and waste from coffee cups. One study shows that landfills contain trillions of tones of disposable coffee cups.Read More

What Every Person Should Know About Compostable Paper Cups

With the ongoing waste and plastic pollution crisis that has become severe, composting is now more commonRead More

Branded Paper Cups: Getting High Quality and Why It’s Vita...

Buying branded paper cups can sometimes be trickyRead More

Zero Waste Cafe: Is the Compostable Paper Cup Helpful?

If you run your cafe on a zero-waste policy, you know how difficult it’s finding the right coffee cups.Read More

Myths About Biodegradable Paper Cups

When you want a good marketing tool, printed paper cups are quickly moving their way up because it is similar to having a walking billboard.Read More

Eco-Friendly Alternatives after the Single-Use Plastic Ban

Is seafood safe for human consumption any more? Imagine eight million tones of plastic infiltrate the oceans every year. In the UK, coffee enthusiasts throw over 7 million plastic cups daily!Read More

Thinking about coffee can stimulate the brain

A new research from the University of Toronto has revealed that simply seeing coffee-like signals can stimulate the brain. For many, the aromas of freshly ground coffee reaching the nostrils are enou...Read More

Upselling coffee cocktails with printed paper cups

As the tastes of customers are evolving, so is their sense of adventure and desire to explore new flavours.Read More

Coffee can protect against skin cancer and rosacea

Scientists and researchers keep enumerating the potential risks and benefits of coffee. The most consumed beverage across the world, coffee is in the limelight time and againRead More

Mindful customers are demanding transparency in the coffee m...

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Coffee may soon replace insulin injections in diabetic patie...

Coffee itself has been scientifically proven to reduce risks of diabetes, coffee constituents play a key role in managing glucoseRead More

Coffee giants are positively influencing global sustainabili...

A recent report from Conservation International (C.I.) has revealed that coffee giant Starbucks’ ethical sourcing program is yielding greater-than-expected positive changes across the coffee sector.Read More

Tracing back a cup of coffee using blockchain technology

In today’s digital era, coffee aficionados are very demanding. They insist to know the whole story behind their cup of coffee. The reason is that coffee has become so much more than a simple beverag...Read More

Takeaway Food is Now the Key Growth Catalyst of Paperboard I...

Over the past decades, Leslie Carr has traveled across Europe, Far East and other parts of the world in search of the best paperboard source. Read More

UK Coffee Industry Predicted to Expand and Thrive in 2018

The coffee industry in the UK is proving to be thriving and profitable, and promises to continue this trend into 2018. Read More

Artisan Coffee Is On The Rise As Britons Are Turning to More...

Gourmet Coffee or Artisan Coffee is on the rise, coffee is having a transformation from a daily caffeine fix to a more sophisticated self, where coffee is no more just a drink, its an art, high qualit...Read More

Even more reasons to cherish coffee more, the English Coffee...

New Research Findings Give Major Boost to Britain’s Coffee Culture. A Review of Past Research by Scientists at the University of Southampton Reveals How Coffee Reduces the Risk of Early Death.Read More

Surprising findings about organic food in the United Kingdom

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Scyphus Responds To Growing Consumer Demand for Healthy Snac...

With growing demand of popcorn and popcorn boxes outside the cinema house, Scyphus has propped up its service by including a full service popcorn bar rental for customers of our popcorn boxes.Read More

Takeaway Culture is fast moving the Britons away from Englis...

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Getting Crafty With Paper Cups

Are the kids bored? Here’s a great way to keep them occupied AND teach them about recycling!Read More

The Empty Cup Awards is trending

Often unbranded, and at time branded, coffee cups are an integral part of the cinema, but every wondered why these paper cups look so fake and empty?Read More

A short review of the death of traditional advertising and h...

are you adapting the new system when it comes to your business? or you are still just at the C end of the B2C ( Business to Customer ) paradigm so well set and overused in the internet business lingo?...Read More

Brexit after about 9 months – where we stand

"The UK economy grew by more than previously reported in the final three months of 2016, according to the latest official estimate." - BBC, how is Britain faring in the post referendum and the pre-exi...Read More

Biodegradable Paper Cup Range Launched

We offer a pure PLA solution too, and we suggest people going 100% green by using 100% PLA if the requirements suit the product.Read More

GobeletenPapier, the French Branded Paper Cups website is do...

Branded Paper Cups, earlier, used to be a multilingual website, with sections for French, Norwegian, Spanish and German content and product brochures, later on the French website was separated from t...Read More

France bans Plastic Cups and Utensils used as Deli Container...

France has banned plastic, yes, as a part of our neighbours "Energy Transition for Green Growth" – an ambitious plan that aims to...Read More

Ever thought of turning your regular coffee shop into a sing...

Shopping centers are on a downward spiral when you look at the decline in shoppers actually visiting stores. Most shoppers are choosing the more comfortable and convenient shopping portals online to g...Read More

When should you create a coupon for your customers?

The best way to grab your customers attention is by presenting an amazing discount. You can Increase traffic to your business with effective coupon marketing!Read More

6 New Paper Cup Machines have been Installed since Second Qu...

A very significant rise has been in printed coffee cups i.e. the double wall printed paper cup and the ice cream cups, and between the two the 8oz printed coffee cup in particular has seen significant...Read More

Printed Paper Cups – a descendant of hygienic Health K...

We are the 100% UK manufacturers of disposable printed paper cups.What are these disposable cups? When did these become the part and parcel of our daily lives? Read on...Read More

Paper Cup Sleeves – Java Jackets

Coffee sleeves also known as coffee clutches, coffee cozies, hot cup jackets are an indispensable part of any coffee shops,shops or restaurants that serves hot beverages in recent times.Read More

Ground Coffee Waste to Bio Fuel – Good ideas are to be...

Paper Cups are so intrinsically involved with coffee culture that anything related to coffee doesn't escape our paper cups trained eyes, and this development is surely a welcome change to how waste is...Read More

Popcorn Boxes have now gone beyond movie theatres

Popcorn boxes have now gone beyond movie theatres, they are now the hot favourite dry food sampling container option for food retailers, event managers and cafe owners alike. Popcorn Boxes are not a ...Read More

Branded Paper Cups Shipping Printed Paper Cups to Europe in ...

Shipping Printed Paper Cups of European Quality, to clients across Europe in 48 hours.Read More

Relaunching our popular Stock Paper Cups

Customers of Scyphus, UK's leading Printed Paper Cup Company may remember not so long ago that we offered a full selection of stock printed paper cups in a wide variety of themes and designs, and sale...Read More

Reiterating responsibility helps us remember our role in kee...

To make our stand clear, here are a few of the important sustainability factors we carefully make sure we do not fail to follow. Read on to know how Branded Paper Cups lives up to their Green Earth pr...Read More

British company develops technology to recycle disposable co...

Technology has done wonders and the world is moving from better to best. One of the remarkable technological advancements is the technology to recycle disposable coffee cups by James Cropper to make p...Read More

Paper cups with plant seeds embedded in them can be the ulti...

Paper cups with plant seeds embedded in them can be the ultimate solution to giving back what we take from nature. Each disposed cup becomes a potential plant instead of just filling up landfills.Read More

Branded Popcorn Boxes : A Great Way to Market Your Business

Branded popcorn boxes? Who does that? Quite a number of well-informed business people actually. Popcorn is served everywhere. You will be offered the snack in events of all types including promotio...Read More

Even more reasons to cherish coffee more, the English Coffee Culture receives a major boost with this report

New Research Findings Give Major Boost to Britain’s Coffee Culture. A Review of Past Research by Scientists at the University of Southampton Reveals How Coffee Reduces the Risk of Early Death.Read More

Scyphus Responds To Growing Consumer Demand for Healthy Snacks at Social Events by Supplying Fresh Popcorn, Machines and Custom Popcorn Boxes

With growing demand of popcorn and popcorn boxes outside the cinema house, Scyphus has propped up its service by including a full service popcorn bar rental for customers of our popcorn boxes.Read More

Disposable Paper Cups Place a Lower Burden on the Environment than Reusable Systems

In 2007, TNO Built Environment and Geosciences was commissioned by Stichting Disposable Benelux (STB) to conduct a study on the environmenta impact of single-use paper cups and PET cups and reusable drinking systems in Western Europe. Read More